FP4 battery life got worse after Android 13 update

Good evening

Small update from my side:
i received a new battery. And guess what: it doesn’t make a difference…


I git an update in my ticket, in which they insist on the procedure I posted in FP4 battery life got worse after Android 13 update - #100 by Lars_Hennig
They claim that otherwise they would not be able to track the battery usage. However I am convinced that the bugreport I sent should be more than sufficient. Any opinions for or against this statement?

They clearly have a sheet with procedures they religiously follow. It’s pure bureaucracy, logic and technique has nothing to do with it, so unfortunately it’s useless to try to reason with them.
Unfortunately your choices are quite limited at this point: Either abandon, or just follow their procedure, give them the (certainly inconclusive) results, let them realize they didn’t learn anything new and come up with some other procedure.
Ideally you should be talking to some techie, somebody who understands what you’re trying to say, but there is little chance for that:grinning:


good morning all,
Support asked me to send my FP to the repair center.
I’ll give it a try although I think it’s more likely a software issue. maybe icw specific system settings/ disabled (Google?) apps/installed apps/whatever.
Anyway, that way we/they might have the chance to at least rule ot a hardware cause.

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Please make a backup, because there is the risk that in the repair centre they will reset your phone. Then all your content on the phone is erased.

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Thanks for the reminder, @Lidwien
No worries, my phone will not leave with data on it anyway

Good morning! Just wanted to let you know that the issue seems to be resolved for me. I had /e/ OS on my FP 4 and finally decided to reinstall Fairphone OS with Android 13. Here are the instructions I followed: flashing with fastboot. I did this yesterday evening and the FP 4 only lost 4% of battery overnight with everything turned on (only do not disturb activated).

I am no expert, but this may actually be more than just a factory reset. Also, note that I encountered the issue while using /e/ OS, so this may not relate to the issues you observe.

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I have the same issue, but in my case it got worse after the update to Android 13. My phone’s battery loses some 20% of the charge in a matter of hours with little usage, and the battery usage overview shows mobile data as the main culprit.

Also happened after an Android update. Seems like the most common cause. It almost seems like we need to wipe the whole device clean and install the most recent version directly. The update seems to introduce some OS bug. I don’t know.

And again, the support wrote in my ticket, that even of I sent bugreport to be analyzed with Battrry Historian, they would have thwir procedure andcthat would be, to charge the phone, make a screenshot of rhe battery uaage tool, run it in safe mode until battery drops to 15%, make a screenshot again…
Hard to believe that they really propose such actions instead of using the data provided.

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Disabling 5G, which I had just enabled following the fix in the latest security update, did the trick for me.

It’s a tad pointless to have a 5G modem that I can’t use, but at least my battery is not draining like crazy anymore.

That is going to be the next point for me: My provider just announced to provide 5G for the customers and now I am curiously waiting to see how the phone behaves with 5G

Yeah, I need the 5G functionality, so I guess I have to reinstall everything every time they screw up the update xD Mine works wonderfully for now.

I also posted in this forum post: Fairphone 4 Mobile Data Battery Drain - #19 by Kareya

I’m also noticing insane battery drain by the mobile data. Ludicrous numbers of up to 63%! Battery is lasting not even a day like this.

It’s absolutely mental that I only have this phone for 7 months and already am considering replacing it even though I bought it specifically to last me a long time due to it’s long support. But when the software is this buggy, how is that even an option?


Hi, you did a factory reset? And now the battery is no longer draining? How long does the battery last now? Thanks

See my previous post. I did the “flashing with fastboot” process. Usually, you do this to install a custom operating system (OS) like /e/ OS. I believe this is not a simple factory reset and removes most, if not all, of the OS components. But I am no expert here. I can only say that /e/ OS is also Android-based. It encountered the same issue described by others in this forum running Fairphone OS right after an update (literally the next day). The culprit is the mobile network.

Battery life is just as new as far as I can tell. I do not have to constantly think about connecting the phone to a power source.

The major drawback of installing the most recent version of Fairphone OS this way is that you will need to deal with the command line, adb and all the issues along the way (the process wasn’t exactly correct in my case, and I had to fiddle around a bit). If you want to try it, read the documentation carefully and get ChatGPT on board to assist. If you use ChatGPT as an assistant get the paid version and pay attention that you use the GPT 4 model. Most people don’t know this, but the paid version is far superior to the free one and super helpful for anything programming related.

I hope this helps.

You dont need a paid ChatGPT Version to run the fastboot script, you can even do it without adb commands. Just follow the official instruction.

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Unfortunately, “just follow the official instruction” did not quite work in my case, and before they get stuck and search through loads of unhelpful forum posts, GPT 4 is a good option to understand what is going on. Just a suggestion. To each their own.

One question regarding the installation via fastboot: What exactly is being deleted during this process? /data seems to be clear, but is /sdcard also affected?

I am thinking of going through this procedure and currently I am preparing everything for that.

sD card formatted external? Just take it out to prevent issues or what do you think might happen?