FP4 Battery availability?

Does anyone know when batteries for the FP4 will be available again.

I try for three month already to order one as spare part. But everywhere I get the answer that they are at the moment out of stock.

You can click on the notify button, then once it’s in stock you’ll get an alert. Maybe #contactsupport, they know more details. We’re just users like you over here.


I posted something similar today, mentioning that Fairphone advertised the easy battery swap as allowing a spare battery to be taken along to extend operating time. Resulted in an avalanche of hate mail from people who apparently couldn’t bear to see Fairphone criticised. Tried to contact Fairphone about it but lack of spare batteries is not an acceptable topic. Pity really because the FP4 isn’t a bad phone and I wouldn’t have minded paying £150 over the odds for a phone like my old Samsung Note 4 that really could swap batteries. Can’t help feeling that we’ve been had here.

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Right now, there was no availability since launch in Germany for the fp4 battery. I looked online pretty much everywhere, only shop listing it was in UK for almost 90€. Is there any plan to sell them via the official store anytime soon or will there be a way to buy them via a local electronics market?

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Hi and welocme to the forum

As this is just a user forum you may not get a clear answer.

You may be extremely lucky if a member of fairphone support read, have that knowledge and answer this.

You are likely to find other topics on this issue if you search :slight_smile:

for example

To avoid having to buy new batteries (even if they are easy to replace, making them is not good for our planet) why not find out how to make them last longer …

To be honest I’m surprised people are looking for them already, the device only came on the market six months ago. If it’s a faulty battery check with support.


I think you’re right - for the most part. But there are a few people who probably want to have a 2nd battery simply to extend the runtime when there is no charging possible. I guess that this is a rare use case, though and it could be (partly) mitigated by using a power bank.


The thing is, right now Fairphone offers a smartphone with replaceable batteries, without having any batteries to replace it with.
It does not matter what my usecase is and trying to shame me into using my phone any different than I want it to is quite rude, you know?

No offence intended. I hope replacement batteries will be available soon.

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Yes, I think a powerbank is probably a better solution on the whole - especially as it can serve several devices at once.


I’m not sure
a) Fairphone say a battery will be available from day 1 or any specific time thereafter

b) Things go out of stock and maybe as the ‘use-case’ issue you referred to may not have been anticipated Fairphone have not only gone out of stock sooner than expected but there is a global supply chain issue so they may have difficulties importing.

Whereas I understand some frustration on your part, and some may not show the degree of empathy you’d like, they are bit more baffled as the use as so emotions show.

Why is a second battery so important when as mentioned a power bank could be used and useful in other situations.


  • I’m supporting Fairphone with a second battery
  • It’s smaller
  • I don’t require a charger, though it may just need a USB C
  • Too many choices, an no idea of what’s behind the company

On the other hand,

  • if for some reason I can’t charge the spare battery then it’s a backup
  • I can use it without having to switch off and swap the battery
  • Swapping may mess with analysis of battery use and viability.

Sorry, but those are two different things you’re confusing here:

  1. There is no doubt that the battery is replaceable. This is a repair feature by itself! I’m fairly sure that FP has spare batteries for warranty cases available - just not in quantities required for free sale, yet. Supply chain problems have been mentioned multiple times already. We have gotten very used to getting everything we want instantly whenever we want it. Right now we’re not living in such a world, unfortunately. Things got a little more complicated and that is not entirely FPs fault.

  2. You want to buy a spare battery independently of having a problem with the original one as far as I understand. While I totally agree that people should be able to get those additional batteries when they want to, it is simply not possible at the moment and we all have to put up with that.
    Do I think that FP intentionally wants break their promises here? I can’t even recall them promising any such thing in the first place - but of course it is most peoples expectation. It just still does not warrant the level of hostility repeatedly brought against FP as a company or this forum for not fulfilling those expectations at the moment. (see above)


I’m the initiator of this thread. I’ve decided to order a FP4, because it’s one which supports the exchange of the battery. The reason is: I’m very often on hiking tours and use the phone for navigation. And the most practible way to stretch it’s availibility is to change the emty battery by a full loaded one.
A power bank would also a solution but during such a hiking tour it’s not practical. And by the way: I had some problem to charge my FP4 via an USB socket in my mobile home. Results of my research were that without a Qualcomm fast charging protocol it takes hours or almost days to recharge the battery. And I don’t have such a power bank.

I can totally see your use case and I hope they will be available soon.

Regarding the power bank problem: Even without fast charging it should not take that long, something else must be wrong there and thus limiting the power severely. I can charge my FP4 at 5V/2A which is no QC but also not that slow.
Usually that is a cable issue, but it can also be the charger itself that is incompatible. I have that problem with one particular charger and FP3: It actually loses charge while being plugged in - while claiming to be charging at the same time!
So please try out some other chargers and cables when you can.

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Will update with links to PD and QC3 12v chargers :blush:

Here’s one that can fit in the dashboard or soem panel etc.

and one to plug into a cigarette lighter socket


another showing voltage and more

The batteries will be back in store. Hit the notify button in the webshop, then you’ll be one of the first to know about it. It’s not a FP issue that things are delayed. The whole world has this issue due to corona and the war. Let’s be fair to Fairphone.


THX for the information. I’ve already ordered an USB socket for a cigarette lighter socket. I’ll report my experience.

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…Hit the notify button in the webshop…
I’ve already done that almost two months ago.
But can new FP4s not be produced and delivered anymore due to the shortage of batteries an other moduls?

Fairphone is not teasing you. If it was possible to offer these spare parts they would be available. Please be patient.

Fairphone probably have some phones and some backup batteries, but there does seem to be either a manufacturing delay or import delay, probably both.