FP4 android 13 bugs [solved]

First things first : do not update to android 13 :wink:
There are two main draw back and no improvements from android 12.
Bugs :

  1. sometime the phone call quality on GSM drops below what I was used too with android 12. Its like the first days of FP4 when you couldn t have a good GSM call.
    As soon as it is cloudy weather, and the signal deteriorates a little, people don t hear you, you don t hear them. And you have sudden droped call.

  2. You cannot reboot your phone. WHen you long press there is a vibration like usual. But the window to reset does NOT appear. Even just after rebooting, the reboot button doesn t work.

Work arround is to remove the battery.

  1. Thats for you, not sure your experience is the experience of everyone.

  2. thats not a bug


I had two FP4 the first one didn t work for GSM calls at all.
This second unit works like a phone from 10 years ago, which is almost not bad.
Now with android 13 I am back with the first FP4 I received which was a hardware failure of somekind.

Anyhow, please test your phones for good GSM phone calls, like a regular samsung do it for more than 10 years. This is a basic that must work perfectely.

Since one year , when you introduced the phone going to 3G when the quality is bad (which I presented you like a solution at the time) , it improved a lot.
With this update it does it aswell, but I have to unactivate internet totally to get a call (when the weather is cloudy most of the time) in center Lyon !

I know your issues and I’m aware that several people suffer from several call quality issues, its just that the phrasing from the initial post in my eyes is generalized and with this saying “that happens to everyone”. So yes I believe you have those issues again and I’m sure others have not. So get in contact with support, to get this sorted and probably also your network provider.

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I have investigated so much those issue for several monthes, that I could be considered like a beta tester.
I also believe we are buying an industrial product, that is quality tested. Most component should work the same on each device.
I love you FP for what you do, now is time for people to get good phone call quality, without having to ask on a forum.
Like ISO 9001 tests on GSM , pretty sure there are standard protocols on the web.
Benchmark your phone call against the galaxy A3 2017 I had and make it as good for each soft update.

May I remind you that this is a user forum.

So as said you habe to contact support directly through official channels

Regarding 1 Did you tried without 5G?
Did you tried without WiFi calling?
VolTE is giving problems by some users?
In short what did you do to improve the calling?

I totally agree with your First things first. Wish I’d not updated to android 13 and was trying to find a way to roll back. May have to post separately for it. FP4 has always been a little buggier than top flight phones I’ve owned previously but it was an irritant worth the environmental wins. But Android 13 has rendered it frequently unsuable.

  1. Screen rotation can completely freeze the phone. Can’t change screens orientation, can’t switch apps, sometimes can keep using the current horizontal app, sometimes nothing works. This has happened to me a few times while driving, with google maps, and I’ve had to find a place to park, do hard restart, and start again. I think at leat 7-8 times in 2 days when I changed.
  2. Bluetooth connect and disconnect to car can cause similar behaviour, probably related to car-mode settings on apps like Spotify or maybe the phone facility.
  3. Sometimes triggering the new Google assistant from the power button will work, and I can say, open youtube, or something like that, and it will “revive” the UI, allowing me to bypass the locked screen.
  4. Other. times it won’t.
  5. Battery usage can suddenly spike. It used to charge up when usb connected to my car. Now in a good scenario it stays constant, in a bad scenario it depletes while charging,

I am kinda surprised, given the amount of bug reports here and elsewhere, that FP dropped the ball on testing with this enough. It doesn’t remotely sound like an outlier. Keep checking for patches, but nothing. FAQs do not acknowledge the issues.

I think there are happy paths, where people use them in a fairly limited way and nothing goes wrong, but I would be surprised if anyone, including their testing team, used it with some variability for a whole week, they would not have hit bugs.


Ha, to be fair with the fairphone, they have corrected “trustagent” which remains the phone unlock when you are at home.
It has never worked in the past 2 years…
For the first time it works…like it used to do on my 2017 samsung phone !
I know it is complex to make all those feature work. Keep up the good work !
Never too late :smiley:


Today (some days after the update) this behaviour appeared on my phone, too.

A workaround seems to be pushing the power and the louder button at the same time.
Not perfect, but it allows you to restart your phone again.

Another problem I noticed since the update is that my Fairphone earbuts won’t become connected automatically at most times. When I select them manually as output device they become connected quick.

And today my phone turned off for no reason. I hat to restart it by holding the power button a viewseconds.

My wife has the problem described by y_cho, too. And on her main launcher screen the Clock has disappeared (while the date is still visible). I tried to place a new Clock widget at that positron but it does not work. Its also not possible to remove the date prompt. It is not “toucable”.
I for myself use a different launcher and have no problems with the Clock.


This is a 10 post only topic. So would you mind reading the other 8 ones?
In post 2 you’ll find a link to a topic with all the “solutions” for this “problem” (which is not a bug…).

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Do not update to 13,
I have a mageor bugs that was solved 6 monthes ago on android 12 that came back :
the inability to phone under bad weather because the phone doesn t switch to 3G to get better signal.
Like the first versions of android on FP4 it stays on 4G and the person doesn t hear you, just with a little cloudy weather (lower reception signal)

Please Put Back The Patch To Make It Work In 3G When On GSM Call

Is there a possibility to downgrade to android 12 ?

This does not certainly happen. 3G is a data-only standard. Phone calls can be done over 4G (VoLTE) or 2G (GSM). You can easily distinguish which one is used by trying to use internet while on a call (with wifi turned off and data turned on). During a GSM call, internet doesn’t work.


3G is not a data only standard. When VoLTE isn’t available, calls are made on 3G or 2G.


Oh, haven’t known that. In that case, I don’t understand why VoLTE is an explicit option in phones, while Vo3G is not…

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VoLTE isn’t available on all providers / all contracts within a provider. 2G and 3G calls are.

And btw on Orange F there is no option in the settings, and no icon either.

this should be solved by disabling VoLTE, because then it should automatically fall back to 3G/2G for a call and not at all use 4G to make calls. And when this setting is missing you might forced to use 4G Calling/VoLTE as it might be enabled by default with no way to disable and this could only be solved by your provider.

In contrast to 2G and 3G, 4G is a pure data standard. To enable calling on top of that, the phone needs to support voice over IP over this data network. The IP multimedia system (IMS) on the device is responsible for this under the hood. The FP2 for instance could do 4G but it couldn’t call via this radio access technology as its chipset (or was it the software?) didn’t support VoLTE. So because this is a service on top of the data network (which doesn’t count into mobile data) which is completely different than what calling was in 2G and 3G and probably also because it may cause issues here and there, it is an option to turn this off.


Switshed the 4G phoning and now (not called volte) and now it switsh to 3G when on a call. And it has been muuuch better yesterday for calling. Like it was with android 12.
Now that I can phone again, I feel this android 13 update much better

As a note: It would be nice if it would adapt more to the situation automatically… for example I don t have to choose all the time if I want 2G 3G 4G 5G… why do I have to select volt or not? Cannot it decide in live what to do to make my phone call work ?

Ho yeah and the microphone in loud speaker now works aswell !!!


You have to select the highest standard you want to use, normally 5G vs 4G and then then the phone checks what bands/frequencies are available. And when there is 4G somehow and you have VoLTE enabled its used. The technical why is explained above quite well.