FP4 Android 12 - WLAN Hotspot kills Bluetooth connection

Got this strange issue connecting my phone to my car - when I enable the WLAN hotspot Bluetooth connection goes down and can’t be established again - the phone just refuses to connect to the car.

Wasn’t a problem with Android 11.

Was trying to test, if I put it on 5GHz preferred it just turns itself off immediately on turning on is that the same for everyone? As otherwise using 5ghz hotspot should help

Yes 5Ghz Hotspot does nor work

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I tested just shortly and could connect my FP3 with my FP4 Hotspot and at the same time my BT headset with my FP4…

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I have the same bugs!

A workaround is to turn off bluetooth and hotspot and then start hotspot and bluetooth again.

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Applied the current security update - now that workaround is gone. :frowning: As long as the WLAN hotspot is up I can’t establish a bluetooth connection any more.

For me it works, I could add my BT headset while the hotspot was active and a device connected

That is strange! For me it works fine now after the last Update.

Did some further tests.

Usually I’ve Bluetooth enabled, start the car, then enable the Hotspot. This disconnects Bluetooth.

Starting in order Car, Bluetooth, Hotspot works. Also Bluetooth, Hotspot, Car.

I just tried your procedure:
Entering the car with BT activated it connects the phone to the car immediately. When I try and start the hotspot the BT connection stays connected.
Maybe there is something with your car? Does it try the use the internet connection via BT tethering for example?

@Lars_Hennig Thanks for trying to reproduce. :slight_smile:

AFAIK BT protocols are a mess and difficult to implement so it is probable that my car and my FP just don’t get very well along at the moment. As long as there’s a way to make it work… Took me just some time to figure this out.

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I have the same issue since the latest update to FP4.SP2G.B.079.
Before I never experienced any problems.

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