FP4 and (unofficial) LineageOS

After the bluetooth problem, everything went fine with my new build until I tried some USB functions like USB tethering…

The short story is, the only working USB function is charging, even USB debugging does not work. I have tried different USB cables, on two different laptops, with two different Linux versions and on Windows, but my Fairphone is not recognized by any of them.
The interesting thing is that adb works in recovery mode, so I could just sideload my new image, but in LineageOS the USB functionality is gone again…

Is there any advice I can try next?

Wow that are great news and brings me into the direction of finally sent my loved FP2 into retirement. It’s working great, but it’s really slow + the camera is really not up to date. I think it would live on in another ones hand :).

Or, to be more precise you all should get the first build once https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/hudson/+/335094/1 is merged.


I must admit that my understanding of these things is very limited. But I was wondering if you could include the stock camera or opencamera as described here: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/camera-camera2-api-missing-features-bugs/83196/17?u=juri.gagarin.ii?

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Will it be possible or did anyone try to use F2FS or exFAT as SDCard filesystem? This is not working for FP2 and I’d love to know if switching to a FP4 would allow me to use a more suitable FS.

What about installing Magisk, will this work or is it already working :-)? - Edit: Seems it is, but even with patching boot.img within Magisk or by flashing the magisk.apk as magisk.zip?


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@Singulus, consequently, do you intend to resell it? If not, consider recycling it.

@juri.gagarin.ii, I suggest Open Camera, too.

Of course I’m trying to resell it - likely on that “Kleinanzeigen”-Plattform ;).

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@Singulus, https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/? I had not heard of that previously.

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Magisk so far only tested with boot.img as far as I know

Reg SD card formatting probably some hints here

Search on this topic for exfat


Can’t wait to try all this out :slight_smile: - I did it.

New build for August. Switched to the Fairblobs and official LineageOS repo. The app grid was reset back to 4x5 which changed the order of my app icons. I had to set it back to my preferred 5x5 and rearrange them. Otherwise the build seems fine.


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sha256sum lineage-19.1-20220817-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.zip recovery-19.1-20220817-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.img 
ed516e00757c8d9ed31d1a9246b76af0f9b5da6a145e79cbc98443a2e31bda66  lineage-19.1-20220817-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.zip
28ea19dba77ba450a82256071f6a9607a61ce3c565948eee1ded8d7d70ae3a7e  recovery-19.1-20220817-UNOFFICIAL-FP4.img

Smooth update as usual, thanks for providing your releases, was actually waiting for it :smiley:

For those who use GApps, you will need to reflash the package on top of the update in order for the device to boot.

Anyone know if FP4 is going to be added to the official Lineage site anytime soon? Just got a new phone and wondering if it’s worth waiting to set it up if it’s going to be a matter of days or so.

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And welcome to the community


@yvmuell thanks and am I right in thinking that after that is merged a PR would be opened against the wiki repo?

Is there an easy (subjective I know) way of installing Lineage in the meantime that would be update-able to main once merged without needing to reflash or not really?

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You could install @mmustermann 's build a few comment above yours, fairly easily as it’s a matter of flashing the provided recovery then use it to ADB sideload the build.

As for its ability to be updatable from a future official build, I don’t really know, but I have hopes personally :smiley:

I’m quit sure you’ll have to flash the official build again. An OTA update wouldn’t be possible as the official build is signed with a different key.


Back in the days where LOS became official for FP2, it was possible migrating to official keys…

No idea if this is still valid :wink:

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Sounds like I might be best off waiting a little longer then

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