FP4 affected by GPS week rollover issue?

Hi All,

while checking the gps capabilities of my new fp4, I noticed that the time received by the gps hardware is wrong:

This is no issue if you use your fp4 for navigation, but track recordings will contain wrong timestamps.
I used GPSTest (available on F-Droid) to check: just tap into the upper part of the Status screen. If your device is affected, the message will appear.
The time is one hour ahead since the utc time received from the satellites is converted into summertime (26 July!).

I am running /e/ on my fp4 - can anyone check if this problem exists on FP stock rom as well? Maybe this is a specific issue on my device only?

Fun fact: My old fp2 (running /e/ as well) receives the correct time and date…

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I can confirm your observation on my FP4 with the stock FP OS.
The GPS Logger app from F-Droid logs the correct date, however. I can’t be sure if it takes the GPS or the phone date, though. So right now I consider it a tie. Someone is clearly wrong - I’m just not sure who! :person_shrugging:

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You are right - it depends on the used application.
GPSLoger, OpenTracks and OsmAnd seem use the phone date, tracklogs created with OruxMaps contain the wrong GPS date.
I will try to find an app capable displaying EMEA-messages…

Could this be the reason?
"Große Störungen von GPS im Ostseeraum

Der Flugverkehr über der Ostsee wird durch GPS-Ausfälle behindert. Sie begannen nach einem Treffen des finnischen Präsidenten mit seinem US-Kollegen."



Probably not, because

  • I get a GPS fix within seconds
  • The position is accurate
  • The problem does not occur on my other GPS devices, including my FP2.

Since mde can confirm my observation, the issue seems to be independent of the used OS. Even Fairphone might not be able to fix this on their own if the Blobs need to be updated.

Anyway, this is a low-prio bug because you can use other apps which do not rely on GNSS time.
I will inform Fairphone support, maybe they consider this observation is worth to fix.


I remeber the previous software update had the issue, but then I resetted time and injected psds and time, and it got fixed.
The issue then re-appeared after the last software update

The problem just disappeared on my device - no software update, no reset, nothing. All previously affected apps are working again as expected.
Very strange but fine for me. Let’s hope it will not come back.


I can confirm that GPSTest does not complain any more on my device.

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I have just updated to FP4.FP3T.A.107.20220316.
The issue seemed solved at first boot, but reappeared after just one reboot.
It might be a result of some files which are not as persostent as they should…

Sorry about the double post.
It now seems to gave fixed itself after an automatic gps refresh. I gave no clue how this happen, but I will update if there are further news

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I have a similar problem.
If you select Berlin as the time zone in the system settings (in the original “Fairphone OS”), then daylight saving time is correctly taken into account. Only the GPS time is still an hour wrong. This can be seen, for example, in the arrival time in the TomTom app, which is an hour late. Apparently this is a known problem in the Android world, which also occurs on other devices.
As a workaround, you can select the Cairo time zone, which corresponds to that of Berlin (GMT+02:00), but without daylight saving time. However, you then have to change the time zone back to Berlin at the beginning of normal time (winter).

Build-Number: FP4.FP3T.A.107.20220316

I have the same issue, and it causes a problem with FitoTrack app

I have contacted fairphone support about it

Are you on the default FP OS? If so: Which patch level do you have? I cannot reproduce this any more since I’m on the April patch level. Also, did you check with GPSTest or some other app?

Hi mde,
Yes I’m on the default OS,

I’m on the march patch, build number FP4.FP3T.A.107.20220316, I don’t seem to have an upgrade available to me yet, that’s interesting to know it might be fixed in an update.

I checked with GPSTest yeah!

It depends on your network operator when and if you get the update. Did you already try a manual search in the updater app? If it’s still not found, try removing the SIM and searching again. Which operator do you use? Some are known to be late or not to release certain updates at all - because of compatibility issues with their network presumably.


Ah thanks for the tip. I’m with Vodafone in the UK. I tried searching without the SIM but no update. I’ll eventually resort to unlocking the bootloader and doing the offline install if I don’t see it in the next few weeks!

You can sideload (adb sideload) the ota.zip

…through recovery (adb reboot recovery), works for me. Should work with a locked bootloader, but I can’t try that, sorry.

I would back everything up first though, I’m only using it to directly update after flashing factory images so this might eat your data.

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hirnsushi, thank you! This update appears to have fixed the problem, GPSTest reports a correct time.

Glad to know these things get fixed.

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Hmm latest official OTA update seems to have undone it again.

Build number: FP4.FP3W.A.128.20220516

I still think that the issue is not related to a specific OS and/or release. I had the issue, it just disappeared without any system update and never came back.
Maybe the gps got some wrong time data which gets deleted during a system update or by using GPSTest? Or using gps for a longer time helps?
This topic remains a mystery for me…

Edit: it came back, I fixed it by

  1. activate flight mode, turn off gps
  2. delete gps data in GPSTest
  3. reboot
  4. activate gps, let GPSTest find the position (takes longer than usual due to missing almanac data)

The first fix had the wrong date, then the satellite list was discarded and a new attempt started. The 2nd fix had the correct time/date info.

Finally I switched off flight mode and loaded PSDS data with GPSTest.