FP3+ with /e/ pre-installed more expensive than the regular one?

Greetings everyone!

So, i’m pretty set on getting a Fairphone 3+ (will be my first) and while being at it i’m also interested in at least trying /e/ as OS.
I’m aware there’s the option to purchase one with /e/ pre-installed from the latter’s webpage (/e/OS Fairphone 3+ – eSolutions – deGoogled phones and services), but i noticed it costs around 30 Euros more than the Android 10 version… and now i’m wondering why? Is there some additional difference / advantage i’m missing or is this just about the pre-installment? Since the installation seems fairly simple one would think it’s a no brainer to just get the standard version and do the work oneself, non?
Also: Did anyone experience any difficulties switching operating systems (and probably back)?

Thanks a bunch!


Well, the /e/ teams buy the Fairphone from Fairphone and then installs /e/ on it for you and sends the phone to you. So yes, you’re paying to have them install /e/ on it for you.

It’s not that hard to flash /e/ on it yourself, but it is nice the option exist for those who aren’t technical enough or willing to flash an alternative ROM themselves. It’s also one of the sources of income for the /e/ team (although you can donate or buy more storage on their Nextcloud as well).



Similar to @TheLastProject I don’t think the cost is much to someone who thinks /e/ is better but doesn’t want to go through the hassle of loading a new OS.

Have you read up on relevant topics here


If it seems fairly simple to you, then you are clearly not in the target group for the preinstalled phone. So you don’t have to bother with it and you can just install yourself.

But there is a target group for the preinstalled phone, there’s no denying that.

It happens occasionally. You could browse through here, too, if you are looking for instances …


To summarize some of the things said and linked above, I’d say you pay the additional amount for:

  • Flashing
  • /e/ development (they’ve payed staff)
  • Support (you get support directly from /e/ foundation)
  • Logistics (well, this might not be accounted as “additional” as other vendors also have costs for that)

Just dropped in, to say “Welcome to the forum!”.
Your question is absolutely understandable and leggit, thoug I agree to the answers, that are raising the important points, like support and saving work and possible troubles.
Please don’t feel overwhelmed by that amassed answers and have fun with your Fairphone 3+ to come. If you don’t fear doing the installation yourself, just go ahead. I did so.

There is just one point to take into account.
Should you run into troubles and want to claim a warranty case with Fairphone, you might have to reinstall Android 10 on your phone. Fairphone warranty does not cover damages caused by changing the OS and to prove, that the damage has nothing to do with that change, you might need to return to Android 10. This should not be the case with clear hardware failures, but if Fairphone asks you to, you should go back to the standard OS.
That’s another advantage if buying /e/ preinstalled.


Thanks alot! You got me perfectly covered indeed (and in a very welcoming manner, too)!

Thinking about it, maybe i’ll still get the /e/ Version just to add some support for the project, on the other hand i’d prefer to have actually tried it first…

A real coin tosser lel. Anywhoo, thanks again! <3 /thread