[Debloater + Google reducer] Unofficial Fairphone 3 debloat script


I’ve just put together a nice little debloater for the Fairphone 3. The script can be ran on Linux, Windows, MacOS and basically any other UNIX-like OS.

Fist of all I want to apologise for the messy instructions and for my bad english. I hope that you understand everything. If you need help or have questions please ask them here.

What does the script do?

  • Limits Google apps (even replaces stuff like the dialer or the clock)
  • Removes Qualcomm spying/“TeLeMeTrY”
  • Replaces the YouTube app with YouTube Vanced (set it up via the manager which gets installed by the script)
  • Removes other useless apps and preloaders
  • Replaces the stock camera with GCam (shouldn’t send any data to google. You can still get it back via the instrucions below)


Download the RELEASE of my GitHub and follow the instruction there (again, I am sorry that they are messy and for my bad english)
Link: GitHub - JBGMR/fp3_debloater: Debloater for the already minimal FairphoneOS running on the Fairphone 3.

Replace the Gcam with the stock camera app:

  1. Uninstall the gcam
  2. Inside of the extracted folder run (terminal/CMD):
    adb shell pm install-existing com.android.fpcamera3

Thanks for the script!
Maybe I missed something but I didn’t find (neither on the github page) any instruction how to prepare the phone so that adb/shell commands can be run. It might be obvious - but you might imho also consider to add some hints.


Thanks, I’ll add this ASAP!

EDIT: done!


Thanks for the script! I’m curious, where does the script find the apk files?

I just removed the line about Google Photo because I still need it.
It uninstalled the apps but it did not install gcam for example.

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You probably jsut downloaded the debloater.sh file. I’m once again sorry about the messy instructions but somewhere it says you need to download it from the releases, as only the script is the source code and GitHub would send me an Email every time I commit. If you download the release it’ll contain the .apk files.

Here is a link to the release:
Release Fairphone 3 debloater 1.0 · JBGMR/fp3_debloater · GitHub

download the ‘Fairphone3Debloater.Release.zip’ file.

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Wow, this script looks great! I myself am not yet ready to run it because I’m not sure of the consequences removing the apps will have, especially the Qualcomm services. Since this phone is my main phone I’m not sure if I’ll lose any functionality.

I hope this gains more traction so more knowledgeable people can help point me in the right direction!



the Qualcomm services are basically useless. The strictly necessary packages don’t get removed. I’ve tested this script out 2 times and it did not break anything. Even if it does, you can get the apps/services back via

adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 [PACKAGE NAME]
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Oh yeah! I cloned the git repo, that’s why I didn’t get the files :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Does this script work for the 3+ or is there very few differences in software between the two models?


There are only hardware differences. You can use it on the 3+.

EDIT: There may be problems with GCam so you might cosider removing the two camera related lines:

sudo adb install camera.apk
sudo adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.android.fpcamera3

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Hello @JBNCK this is a good possibility for those who don’t want or can install a custom ROM.
Because I’m not registered to GitHub, I give you some suggestions at this place. Hope that’s OK for you.

First, there’s a little error in the script in line 46, the package name should be
com.qualcomm.qti.qms.service.telemetry note the additional “e” in telemEtry.

Second, shouldn’t you also disable Gboard com.google.android.inputmethod.latin an replace it with another keyboard app? For example Openboard.

  1. Thanks for letting me know! Will fix this later
  2. I’ve thought about this but the average Joe wouldn’t want to configure a keyboard. But I’ll think about it. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


  1. Done
  2. Still thinking about it

will add a keyboard replacement soon


Update 2: Added openboard installer (make sure to configure in the app). Uploading to GitHub now…


Update announcement!

Hi there!

Update 2.0 is getting pushed out on GitHub with a new keyboard, clearer instructions and a seperate/easier Windows version! Make sure to read the post-running section in the README.md file or else, you’ll have no keyboard!


  • Made the instructions more clear
  • Added a seperate Windows version (with all platform tools included)
  • The script will now replace GBoard with openboard
  • Fixed error where the script would not run on MacOS (It was an error in the instructions, MacOS can’t to “./” without mentioning the shell which I can’t do to avoid confusion so I replaced it with “sh …” which works on every UNIX based OS.)

Download/Instructions/source: GitHub - JBGMR/fp3_debloater: Debloater for the already minimal FairphoneOS running on the Fairphone 3.
Direct link to the releases (read the README.md file!): Releases · JBGMR/fp3_debloater · GitHub

Make sure to open issues on GitHub, post feedback and all the other usual things the help me out!


Update announcement (again lol)!


-The release file is a single .zip file again!
-Made a seperate MacOS version (found in the Linux/Unix/MacOS folder).
-The files don’t need to be edited anymore since I’ve created a seperate script for every OS (for other UNIX-based OSs also use the debloat_linux.sh file).
-Replaced the LineageOS dialer with ‘Simple Dialer’ (Open source) since crashes were experienced and reported.
-The script now also installs the ‘Simple Thank You’ app which allows the Dialer app to be themed (because the default theme is kinda ugly lol).
-The script installs the Lawnchair v2 launcher again (idk why I removed this feature in more recent versions lol)
-The script now removes the Google app
-The script doesn’t remove Gesture-navigation anymore since many people use it even on a phone with big borders


Please, make sure to read the instructions carefully. It clearly tells you to download it from the releases (which you are doing if you’re reading this) but still some people, who don’t read the instructions, complained that they now only have the settings app, files app and the Play Store. I really apologise if the instructions are hard to understand as I am not a native English speaker. Anyways, thank you for using my script! It really means a lot to me :)!

Also, please if you encounter any issues, report them either via Email, the issue tab or this forum post!

Link to the github project: GitHub - JBGMR/fp3_debloater: Debloater for the already minimal FairphoneOS running on the Fairphone 3.
Direct link to the release: Release Fairphone 3 debloater 2.1 · JBGMR/fp3_debloater · GitHub

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Greetings, @JBNCK and all other people, :raising_hand_woman: :wave:
Want to say THANK YOU so much for your hard work on this script and this apps which you now included to it.
For me it finally works very well.
In line 48 in ’debloat_linux.sh’ is still a little writing error… -
“sudo adb install launcher.spk”
But anyway … it works great!

And also the tip with the exodus app was very useful too!
Wish you a nice day! :grinning:


Thanks for your effort!

Could you elaborate a little bit on what is “limited” and in which way and what the removed apps are?

Thanks for the kind words :grinning:!

@purpleCrow I will fix this typo later. Thank you for reporting.

@juri.gagarin.ii I can’t remember exactly what it removes (you can always look into the script) but it replaces/removes most google apps except the strictly necessary ones (like GMS, GSF and the Play Store [If you don’t want the Play Store check out my PlayToAurora script]).

It removes them via the pm uninstall -k --user 0 command so you can get them back via the pm install-existing command.


Has anyone tried this or know if it will work on FP2?