FP3 Westerman bag & FP2 bamboo sleeve

By accident I have two woolen felt case in sleeve-style for the FP3. Westerman bag. I’ll send one free to whom wants it, (to western europe). I also have a bamboo sleeve for FP2 ( which was stolen without sleeve). Also free.


Wow, that is very kind of you.

Just for reference, it is these: https://westermanbags.com/products/fairphone-2-3-felt-wallet

How do you find them?

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Wow they look nice! I might like the FP3 one. What colour is it? :slight_smile:

Hello, I recently have a FairPhone 2 (bought thanks to a user of this forum). I would very much like to get the case for my FairPhone 2. I live in Spain.

Hi Linn,

it is brown , but more grey than brown, with on onse side the lower part a nice color green.

Which country you live in? I in the netherlands.



Hi els,

that is a really nice offer! If Linn for some reason doesn’t like brown, I would be very interested in the FP3-sleeve.

best regards!

Hi Els,

It sounds great! I also live in the Netherlands, Hoi! :wink: Is it possible to pm each other?


OK, then I’m too late :wink:

I am too late, but I just want to know what a bamboo sleeve is or looks like? Is it made from bamboo? Where can I purchase one for my FP2? Thanks!

Sorry, I as wrong it is a cork sleeve, not bamboo. It was made in Portugal especially for a firm in the Netherlands to fit the FP2. See the website bureaubewust.nl. They have them for the Iphone on there website, I don’t known if they still sell them for FP2

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Thank you for the link, I see they still have these. It would be cool if there were phone sleeves or protectors where one could see the display, but I like this one too.

I think for using the phone, the original bumper probably does the trick. But since I keep my FP3 in my backpack a lot, I think it could do with some extra protection while in there :slight_smile:

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