FP3+:unlock the bootloader


trying to OEM unlock but I"m stuck entering my device pin!

I got the device pin as has been described in another post in this forum.

But when entering the number I am only offered a number pad. Since the device pin consists of numbers AND one letter this doesn’t work. I tried to copy and past from a different app which didn’t worked neither.

Any clues are highly appreciated


Did you get the device PIN through here: https://www.fairphone.com/en/bootloader-unlocking-code-for-fairphone-3/?

Just in case you are unlocking the bootloader to install a custom ROM like /e/OS or Lineage, be aware the new camera and speaker modules aren’t yet supported. /e/OS should be coming to the new modules end of October.

Hi Alex,

That exactly the site I used! I used IMEI from slot 1.

Yes I read about the non working parts, just trying to prepare when everything is done :slight_smile:


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When I try to OEM unlock the FP3, I get shown the full-fledged keyboard including letters and numbers.

But is this what you are seeing?

If yes, you would just need to press the bottom left button (ABC) to get the letters keyboard.


Edit: Follow @urs_lesse’s advice above :blush:

This is quite strange.

  • Do you use a custom keyboard?
    • If yes, try using the stock one.
    • If no, you may want to try a custom one to see if you have more luck with it.
  • Is your phone in another language than english? You might want to try setting it in english shortly.

Don’t have the ABC switch

That’s whats puzzling me. Even tried to install different keyboard with no usable effect


Well, that’s not the OEM unlocking code, that’s your personal device PIN (a four digit number).


Thank you that helped!

I wasn’t aware that it was asking about my security pin :grimacing:



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