FP3+ turned off

Hello everyone,

My FP3+ phone suddenly turned off during the day without any apparent explanation. It won’t turn back on, when I got home from work to plug in the charger (also a “Fairphone”), nothing happened. I thought the screen might be defective but no one can call me.

I really don’t know what happened. I work in the construction sector, the phone does endure some dust, it’s true. But it didn’t fall.
I bought my phone 2 years ago.

Does anyone have a clue about which component to replace?

Thank you for reading my message and have a good day everyone!


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It might just be a faulty contact.
Dismantle, clean contacts with isopropanol leave to dry several hours and reassemble.

Might be a good idea to #contactsupport as well.

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2 years so you might still be under warranty?

Does the charging LED light up when you try to charge?



This exact thing has happened to my partners FP3+ today.
He has also had problems with it not charging sometimes, but when the phone stopped today it had a full battery. I know this because I took his battery out and put it in my FP3 to see, and it was 91%.
The LED is not lighting up when I try and charge it. It seems completely dead.

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I‘ve got the same problem since this morning, with my Fairphone 3.
Has anybody heard from support yet?
Greetings from Germany

Support is slow, expect at least a few days, else you better call them.

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@OldRoutard i’m going to try this.

@yvmuell the led is completly gone…

thank you all for your answer and your time


My almost 3 year old phone also turned itself off and is unresponsive today. It was on, just chilling on my couch and charging, no unusual heat. Last time I was using it the battery was around 50% charged.

When I plug in the charger cable (tried 2 cables and 2 chargers), the LED is flashing red faster than a notification would. As described here (with no solution), here (no solution) and here with a solution related to oxidation.

My phone didn’t experience big temperature changes or moisture in the past days, unless carrying it in my back pocket counts. It endured several drops since I own it (only had to replace the display module once). I haven’t dropped it today.

I removed the display module to check the connections and saw that the rubber over the backside of the on button was damaged (which explains why the button was not responding well in the past months). I put a little rubber piece between the contact and the button hoping that would fix my problem but it didn’t help.

I guess I will take it apart completely following the iFixit teardown and then contact support if that didn’t help.

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The Power Mangament Chip might be defective on the mainboard.

A repair is explained in this post: Fairphone 3+ is dead, will not turn on - #7 by sarofel

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