FP3 touchscreen experiences ghost inputs

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I seem to have a comparable problem. I used my new FP3 for just about a month now and the touchscreen does some weird stuff making it unusable, At random the touchscreen gets ‘hypersensative’ and wil make anywhere from 3-10 touches, even when I just touch the screen once. This means that I can’t use the phone at all. It randomly happens and stays like that for a long time. Then it suddenly works normally again for a few hours untill it happens again. I tried reboots, taking the battery out, dissasembly, charging etc. nothing seems to work. I cant even start it in safe mode becouse I cant ‘hold’ the turn off key.

If ou had this problem and solved it, please let me know!

As it is written in the troubleshooting guide of Fairphone, in this case, perhaps you can try:

  • Open your phone dial pad
  • Enter *#*#66#*#* in the same way you are entering a phone number to make a phone call. Once the last character is introduced, the Service Menu appears showing you three sub-menus.
  • Select Service tests > Test Single > Touch screen .
  • Use your finger to draw freely on the screen and check if you can do it in each part of the screen.
  • If you can see blank areas in your drawing, your display is partly insensitive to touch.

I don’t know if it can be useful.
And of course, as @AnotherElk said:


The self diagnostic reports no problems with the touchscreen, which isn’t a surprise. Having spoken to support, im now returning the phone to them for analysis and repair/replacement.

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Hi, had the same issues, the touchscreen self diagnostic was fine too, and I also just returned the phone for repair/replacement. Hope they can identify the cause.

Thank you for your reply Alex. I already tried this and all the other options mentioned on the website. But try typing that code when every touch on the screen gets you anywhere form 3 to 10 inputs. I can hardly ‘type and backspace’ my way throught my SIM-card code. If I do manage to unlock the SIM-card and get to the emergency call screen I would try to type ##66## but it wil turn into ******#####6666666666666666 etc. at wich point I just stop as that might have taken me 15 minutes of typing and backspacing. I Hope the support team will reply soon, the phone is utterly useless like this.

bug appear on e.os too.

it seems that it start lagging then freezing like if the touch&hold delay accessibility option was seted to long then start to bug and touch everywhere.

Maybe it not touch randomly, maybe unfrieezing it touch every where we touch during the freez ?

is someone of fairphone team loking the forum ?

Ok. I was just thinking, perhaps you could cast the screen of your phone onto a PC, and with this type the code and test your screen. Seems a bit complicated but I think it’s feasible :slight_smile: It may also not work, but I’m doing all sorts of strange suggestions :sweat_smile:
The thing is, you need the g***le app, and I personally never did it, but I found a few tutorials.


Not officially. There may be a few Fairphone employees coming here and then, but if you want to contact them directly contact the support team.

If it’s only about typing, then a USB-OTG adapter and a keyboard should do.

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I contacted fairphone directly thanks.
But wait here, Something appends for me.
Fennec-browser was installed i removed it then reinstalled it.
The problem seems to disapeared. Is someone who experiment this issue have fennec installed ?

I don’t have Fennec installed, and still experience the issue.

Me to.
But I had the oppertunitys to catch some of the ghost touch inputs with the touchscreen-self-testing-tool and made some screenshots of it. On the pictures you can see, that the ghost touches are mostly not touches, but wipes.

Screenshot_20200622-174109 Screenshot_20200622-205556 Screenshot_20200622-210339 Screenshot_20200622-210419 Screenshot_20200622-210640 Screenshot_20200622-210714 Screenshot_20200623-002904 Screenshot_20200623-002933 Screenshot_20200623-003031 Screenshot_20200623-003405 Screenshot_20200623-193409 Screenshot_20200623-193420 Screenshot_20200623-193542 Screenshot_20200623-223417

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I have the same issues and found out, that it only happens with 4G/LTE active when the mobile signale is bad. when I switch to 3G only, I have no issues.

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Btw, thinking about it, did you contact Fairphone support with these screenshots? This is a clear proof that there is a defect with the screen. (You can go in the find and fix an issue yourself section, and follow the steps : FairphoneDisplayThe touch screen is partially defectiveConfirm diagnostic it’ll go faster.)


Thanks for that! It didn’t do much to solve the problem but it might certainly help a few others. I now have exchanged a few e-mails with the support team. Looks like my phone has to be sent in for repair. I’m still not quite sure if its a hardware or software problem. When I know more I will write up another post.


Hello everyone

Well, I sent my phone off for repair and received it back today. The repair slips says that they basically replaced the display module (with an off-the-shelf module - they sent me the packaging for it lol) and performed a software update.

So far, seems ok. I’ll keep an eye on it and post here with an update if the problem resurfaces.


Hi guys,

i had similar problems until the screen failed completly. My probelm was that a connection on the display itself was loose (probably from shaking etc.). I fixed it by removing the display and gently press down the silver coverage which you can see on the image below:

There seems to be a connector from the display underneath, connecting the display input to the small board - that than seems to relay the signal to the mainboard via the connector. My phone runs now fine for the last 7 Days. I also linked the original post here:

Hopefully this helps to solve some of the problems with the ghost inputs as well.




Same problem I have. Usually it scrolls the top bar and randomly push some virtual buttons but overall it “touches” anywhere.
Also I experienced that Google assistant opens randomly, so I turned the Google assistant off. It helped for like a week with no problems, but now it’s back…
I tried anti-virus, because it looked like thread to me for the first time > no threads found.
…NO IDEA what to do

You tried @Moaxle’s tip?

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Ok, I have received my phone back after “repair” by Cordon.

Unfortunately they can’t reproduce the problem and just cleaned my touchscreen and made a software update :man_facepalming:

So after setting up my “repaired” phone again the issue appears again after some hours. What a surprise… 1 week of wasted time… :roll_eyes:

I contacted the Fairphone support again.