FP3: telephone app contacts contains all accounts

Hello folks,

I have a FP3 and can’t resolve the following issue:
Whilst having Signal, Telegram and Whatsapp installed and I wish to sync my contacts with those apps, in the phone app all contacts are saved per account. I want to have them sorted and at best see only one contact with all the info included. Now it is like every other app’s account creates a new contact - having up to five times the same “Phil” in my contact list is annoying.
I tried to refuse Skype to sync, even deleted the account, but as soon as I use the Skype app again, it syncs back to the telephone book.
In the phone app it seems not possible to show only certain account’s contacts. In the contacts app I could delete accounts but they keep syncing back to phonebook as soon as I open one of those apps again.
Any help, hint, workaround is greatly appreciated.

It’s an issue that has plagued Fairphones for generations.

The contacts app should have an option in the three dot menu called ‘Merge contacts’. It detects duplicates and merges them into a single contact. If that doesn’t work, you can select two contacts by long pressing and then selecting ‘Link’ from the three dot menu - no fun especially if you have a lot of contacts, but it works.

Thank you. It somehow righted itself - I think I got a prompt to ‘merge contacts’. But I will bear this advice in mind if it happens again.

Google has a detailed Android help. You might want to check


Best wishes,

The Android help says: select multiple contacts, then choose “merge contacts”

But when I select multiple contacts, there is no option “merge contacts” in the three-dot menu.

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