How to merge contacts from different app profiles?

On FP2 I was able to merge contacts from my Google/phone-account with my WhatsApp or Duo contacts. On the FP3 this feature seems to be somehow messed up:

  • In the “Contacts” app only the Google contacts are visible - and I can’t chose other profiles like WhatsApp or Duo. So, only duplicate Google contacts can be merged.

[EDIT: Something has changed after deleting and re-installing WhatsApp. Now the WhatsApp contacts are also shown in the “Contacts” app, but cant’t be merged with Google contacts anyway. I can turn them off, though, by tapping on the top right icon and selecting only Google. Oddly enough, there’s no option to select only WhatsApp, though.]

  • I do prefer the contact list in the “Phone” app anyway - and here the other profiles are included. But there seems to be no possibility to merge them as it was on FP2 (in the three dots menu within the contact). So, most of the contacts appear two or three times now (and when I delete the WhatsApp contacts or even the whole WhatsApp profile they reappear after a few minutes).

Any idea anybody?


Do you, by any chance, also have these contacts reappear after deleting them? And do you have the Google app enabled or disabled?

Unfortunately, I have the same issues and cannot find any solution thus far (deleting the Contacts app and replacing it by another one seems to break, among others, WhatsApp finding my contacts at all).

Did you save to SIM? Put in another unused SIM and check?

@Suzanna_Multhaupt The only contact on my SIM card is the voice mail number my provider saved there. I prefer to safe my contacts on my phone/Google account.

The problem seems to be that Android usually merges Google and WhatsApp contacts automatically. That is at least the case on my friends Pixel phone with Android 10. And that may be the reason the manual merge function was wiped from the “Contacts” app.

Unfortunately, the automated merging doesn’t seem to work on FP3, though. I wrote to the support now. Maybe they can fix that with an update.

@Newly_Fair: Yes, the WhatsApp (and Duo) contacts reappear after being deleted - as I wrote in my original post. :wink:

My contacts were not stored on SIM (you can choose to), they were stored on Nextcloud. I merged them to my FP3 with DAVx5. Just my 2 ct.

I thought you meant that the accounts were reappearing after disconnecting them, not the contacts themselves after deleting them from the Contacts app. This is because I seem to have both issues, and deleting the contacts will reappear after a reboot, whereas the accounts will just reappear even if you’re not rebooting.

Just making sure that we have the same issue though :sweat_smile:

It probably is the same issue. :wink:

These are Android perks and not specific to Fairphone

Not necessarily, as other Android phones do merge these contacts from different accounts automatically.

An new sution? I have the same issue.

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Don’t have an FP3 myself, but rmf’s tips in this thread might be of help:
FP3: telephone app contacts contains all accounts

Or that of Thomas / teezeh

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The solution seems to be to just be very patient. Somehow Android has merged most of my contacts by itself after a while. There’s still the odd doublette from time to time - but for most contacts the problem solved itself.


What lasts is hope =)

Any news on this? I have been very patient, too, but that didn’t help.

Having the same issue since the very beginning too. But for me it is even more special since I’m using the de-googled alternative simple contacts and the LineageOS Dialer apps on my phone.

On the Simple Contact app there is a simple filter function, that does the trick for me. But the LOS-Dialer does not have such feature and therefore shows all the dublicate contacts.

Hi ! I’m having the same problem with a lot of same contacts that I’m not able to merge cause they appear in the contacts part of the phone application and not in “contacts application” (for this app, I do have a merge option).
Can someone tell me how to merge same contacts in this phone app or how to manage the accounts linked to it ? I have probably too many accounts with the same infos and this is why I have several times the same contact ?
Thanks !

Android 10 seems to have fixed this bug.

So, after you’ve updated your FP3 to Android 10, delete remaining duplicate WhatsApp or Duo contacts in the Phone app’s contact list one last time - only keep the main entry for each contact. WhatsApp or Duo entries should then get merged into the main entry a day later or so (with WhatsApp & Duo numbers appearing within each contact’s main entry). Worked for me.

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