FP3+ speaker opening position tested by left-handed people

I have been using my FP3+ for several months now, and I come to wonder why was the loudspeaker opening placed where it is.
I am left-handed and when I hold the phone naturally in my hand, e.g. to speak over a video call, I cover the loudspeaker opening with part of my hand (base of the thumb). More often than note this blocks all sounds coming from the phone. My current solution leads to an unnatural grip or to a very insecure one (the thumb either pointing up, not holding the phone, or the thumb under the phone), it is a pity.
I wonder if the phone design was tested with left-handed testers (any designer around here?).

This issue is not a blocker but it is not nice. Besides this I find the phone excellent with all the pluses of its openness


Though I am right handed I hold the phone in my left hand often and touch screen with my left right hand. Still not comfortable with the speaker position after two months or more :frowning:

In fact I’m not happy that all the buttons are on the left :frowning:


Same here. I’m a right-hander, but to me it always felt natural to hold a smartphone in my left hand. The speaker almost feels like an itching flea in your palm when it’s active :smiley:


That are exactly the two things I was wondering about when I had the phone in my hand for the first time.

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The placement of the speaker on the lower left side is clearly worse than on average phones (at the bottom). And obviously nobody left-handed was involved in the hardware design.

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Or no right-handed, as I’m also holding my phone in the left hand to operate it with my dominating right hand :wink:.


Three annoying effects I have encountered as a right-handed:

  • very unbalanced sound
  • I mute the sound when I hold it with my left hand (which I indeed do, too)
  • I mute the sound when I hold it in landscape mode

Bottom would have been really better :-/

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