FP3 some apps repeatedly crash

I have been having some issues with my FP3 with a few apps that immediately crash when I try to open them. I thought it was a problem with the apps themselves, but since it is happening with a few different ones it seems that is more linked to my phone.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the apps several times and restarting the phone several times with no change.

Has anyone had similar issues or suggestions on how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

It would probably help if you could let us know some examples of apps which show this behavior and also which OS you are on.
Are you using the standard FP OS or did you install something else?
Did you install OS updates?
What is the source of the apps? Play Store or something else?

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Hi Charlotte,
There are plenty of cases like this, have a look round.

  • Which version of which OS are you running.
  • Are you using a SD card and if so, how (either extending internal memory OR as external removable)?
  • How old is your SIM?
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Thanks for your quick response. I have had issues with Lightroom and an app that is used for QR code scanning and location sharing. They are downloaded from play store

I am using FP OS and all OS updates are installed.

Thank you for the response. I did search but could not find anyone experiencing the same issue. I am using OS10. I am using an SD card which is formated for internal memory.

I’m using two sim cards - one is about one year old, the other maybe 5 years old.

Thanks for the details. I’m afraid the symptoms you describe are highly compatible with the SD card used as internal memory. There have been many, many reports.
So I think it would be highly advisable to “evacuate” the SD card. Unfortunately this will likely entail quite a lot of work, so I’m hoping for at least a second opinion. But my advice would be to bail out anyway, even if the SD card isn’t causing the present problem.

You should read this,

and these (or some of them!)

As to the five-year-old SIM, that’s beginning to be a bit ancient. SIMs deteriorate and can cause all sorts of problems that don’t necessarily appear relevant. They are not expensive, so it might be a good idea to get it replaced anyway, on general principles.


Thanks very much for the feedback. It does indeed sound like this may be the source of the issue. I will look into it and see if I can find a way to address the SD card problem.

Indeed the sim card is pretty old - unfortunately, I’m not in the country which it is from currently so it is hard to fix that part

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