FP3: SMS is not received inmediatly?

to send SMS with my new FP3 (1 week old) i am using the preinstalled default App “Messages” and it seems that some sent SMS are not received inmediatly as expected by the destination smartphone and sometimes it takes really very long time, for example: 30 Minutes!
Do you have an idea, which could be the reason for this problem?
Thank you.

  1. Unrealistic expectations … nobody guarantees that SMS will be sent and received immediately. Usually it would work seamlessly, but it doesn’t have to.
  2. Please observe in the App whether the SMS really gets sent. In poor reception conditions this can really take a while or be postponed by the App until reception is good enough again.
    Same thing on the receiving side.

Yes, that is true, only that in last 20 years aproximatly i never had this problem with all movil Telefons before.

I am sure by FP3 the App says “sent”, but by the receiver Smartphone it takes very long time to get it and from others smartphones not.

I have noticed that the App “messages” has 2 Types of messages: Chat (Chatnachrichten) and Text (Textnachrichten).
Could somebody please explain me
a) what is the difference between the 2 types?
b) how can i choose what type to send?
Thank you in advance.

Text = SMS
Chat = RCS, can be switched off in the Messages app settings (also has a link to more information at the bottom)

Basically, RCS was invented as a designated SMS successor by the mobile carrier industry to win back the revenues that they lost to OTT messagers like WhatsApp.


But since nobody is willing to pay for text or OTT messages anymore, the adoption of RCS (here in Germany it was called “Joyn” for a while) has been somewhat lackluster. Actually, Google is the only major proponent - even to such an extent that they’ve been rolling out RCS themselves in the U. S. because the carriers did not want to …


It would be interesting to know if the recipient is on the same network or uses another carrier. You can find a more general explanation for delays in the Wikipedia:


Thank you very much (Vielen Dank!)

At least from my experience being with the same carrier is completely irrelevant.
I have experienced delays between sending and receiving of many hours (up to more than one day) more than once (inside the T-Mobile DE network). And I never would have had the idea, that the phone or the app is to blame. I always blamed the carrier.

If it is really important and I don’t get a reply to a SMS within a short timeframe, I always try calling the person.


In my case the solution was to choose in the “Messages” App for each Contact with messages the option “send SMS and MMS only” (Details->“Nur SMS und MMS senden” aktiviert).
After that, the time for sending and receiving was as expected, almost inmediatly or normally very rapid, in the same T-Mobile DE Network.
Thank you!


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