FP3 SIM in slot 1 not working after update


I have a FP3 on which I use 2 SIM cards.

Last week I updated it to the latest Android security patch level. I now have Android 10, patch level 6 November 2021, build 8901.3.A.0134.20211116, and everything has worked fine until yesterday evening, when suddenly I lost both phone and mobile connection from both SIM cards. I could not make or receive phone calls or SMS, nor I can surf with 4G or any other types of internet connections. It was not a geographical issue of lack of signal coverage, as everything worked fine from the same place until a few hours prior.

After some trials, rebooting and resetting of all network settings, I noticed that the phone and internet perfectly works when I am using only one SIM card, any of the two, if that is placed in slot 2. As soon as I enable the SIM in slot 1, the phone and internet coverage are immediately lost.

I have tried swapping the SIM cards and placing them in different slots and it worked for a couple of hours only.

Has anyone experienced and solved something like this?

Thanks in advance for help

Hi and welocome to the forum

a) You say only SIM slot 2 works and then
b) I have tried swapping the SIM cards and placing them in different slots and it worked for a couple of hours only.

Could you clarify that Slot 1 one never works since ‘some hours’ or is intermitent.

Do you have SIMs for two networls and neither work in Slot1 or are both on the same network etc.

Sorry for the unclarity.

The SIM cards stopped working around 21 yesterday while they were definitely functioning earlier, like at 18, when I received a phone call. After I noticed I had lost any kind of connection, I spent a couple of hours rebooting, resetting network settings and swapping SIMs in the Slots. It was then that I noticed that with both SIM cards in place, the phone and internet worked only when the SIM in Slot 1 was disabled, independently from which of the two SIM cards it was.

I did one last swap of the SIM cards in the Slots before going to bed and it suddenly worked, as in I had phone and internet connection with both SIM cards enabled. Unfortunately, both stopped working today around 11. I then disabled the SIM in Slot 1 which managed to re-establish phone and internet connection.

The SIM are on different networks.

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It might be an idea to reinstall the update.

I actually got the same problem after this update. No calls came through while the SIM was in slot 1. I put it in an old Nokia and everything worked (calls, data). I returned it to the FP3 in slot 1 and again nothing. Switched it to slot 2 on a whim and it worked. Did reinstalling the update work?

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