FP3 shuts off randomly

Hello community,

I can’t find a topic stating the exact same problem so I’m starting my own.

A few days ago, my FP3 started acting weird : turning off by itself, and refusing to turn back on most of the times I pressed the on button. I suspected a battery problem, since it has been super cold last week and I was outside with it part of the time.

When I use another battery (friend’s battery), it works again. But my battery does not seem broken either, because my battery in his phone works… It is only when it is my battery in my phone that the problems appear.

While testing for battery status, the app we used tells us everything is fine, but the difference between my battery and his battery is that mine has a higher voltage (4200mV) than the standard 3800mV for a FP3 battery.

Also, when charging, the phone would permanently turn on and off, vibrating once every 5 seconds. The problem appears even if I change the charger. It might be a problem with the bottom part with the USB port… then it’s not the battery that is faulty.

Should I just buy a new battery or is there something I’m not getting?

Thanks in advance

From that experioment it seems the battery is fine, though ti wouldn’t hurt to buy another battery anyway, as a spare even.

However it could be just a connection problem, either with the battery or any other module that may be impacted by opening and replacing the battery. The issue with contact problems is that they are often if not usually difficult repeat exactly in experimentation so I would disassemble and reassemble the modules anyway.

Please mind that you need only remove the modules and put them back in; unless you’re familiar with handling electronics, it’s not advisable to disassemble the modules themselves, even though the page linked by amoun does show how that’s done.


Thanks for the advice. I tried disassembling and reassembling, did not change anything.

I did not see anything weird, except maybe the color of the plastic that seems slightly different around the charging hole, but my roommates think it is normal and I’m imagining things.

So it will be a new battery and hope, I suppose ^^

The charging hole can get dirty etc, but as your friends battery worked it may not be that, though along with dirty contacts you can get debris in the charging port.

Do you use two SIM cards in your phone? If yes, which one do you use for data? I read about a problem, when using data with the second SIM card, that this can cause random reboots for the /e/ OS version of the phone

I use only one SIM, but thanks :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I have the exact same problem: randomly shutss off for a few days now. I do not understand what’s going on. In addition to this, I have big difficulties to connect to either the phone network and the wifi network to go on internet.
Does somebody have clues to this?

Only that it sounds like a power failure, sure it could be a software issue but have you tried the physically resetting the modules following the ifixit breakdown guide?

Have a look at the following post to see what can be done.

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