FP3 SD card showing 256GB out of 512GB used by system, apps crashing

I am a fairly new FP and android user, but this is surprising. I’ve bought a 256GB micro sd card (samsung) and put it in my FP3 (updated to Android 10), formatted as extra storage (not portable) and moved data. All was fine until few hours later I noticed some apps were crashing. Upon investigation it seems like some sort of space issue, but not really sure. Under settings -> storage the SD card shows 259GB out of 512GB (?!) used and when going to details I can see my 2.8GB that was moved during the SD card setup and then 256GB used by the system… That does not sound right at all.

Is there a way to move my data off the SD card back to the phone so I can try formatting it again? so far an hour of googling did not help me with that at all. Any suggestions are highly welcome. I tried also removing the card but seems like some of my photos are missing then (i.e. they don’t load full quality, even though I have google drive backup). Ugh.

If any more info is needed, please do let me know.

Thank you very much for help.

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Don’t search much further. Cards formatted as internal storage were reported to break many things under android 10. You’ll have to format it as external/portable storage.
See the first forum topic about it: Android 10 - MicroSD as phone storage. You can also have a look at the #sdcardguide.


Oh dear what a mess. Many thanks for that, wish I knew before :frowning: will google drive backup be enough now to reset the phone and reformat that card? Luckily I don’t have much since I got the phone so that’s a plus… Thanks again

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I don’t use Google drive, but I think it should.

When it’s about photos.
Can you connect the phone to a computer and access the phone memory this way? Maybe you can copy them to the computer and thus save them (as a backup to Google drive :wink: ).