FP3+ Screen colour split down the centre

My phone screen is split into two colours down the centre (half white and half yellow) and I’m not sure if there’s a way to fix it via the software or if I need to buy a new part? And if so, which part?

The photo you’re seeing is off the internet and not my actual phone since I don’t have a way to show it. When I screenshot something and email it to myself, the image is fine.

If your phone is less than two years old you may be able to use the warranty. Alternatively it may be worth dismantling the screen, cleaning the contacts, with isoproply alcohol and reasembling.

Given that a factory repair will result in a factory reset you may want to do that before sending it away.

Do a few basics

To consider parts you may like to see if there is a #fairphoneangel near you that can swap some modules they may have. > Screen

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Yes, I’d say the problem is likely display module contacts. However, whether internal to the module or not I couldn’t say. The right half of the screen is getting no blue (only red and green).

Confirms that it’s very probably a hardware problem.

As amoun says, you should confirm that it’s a problem with the display before ordering a replacement. It’s certainly worth informing Support quickly if the phone is still under guarantee.


Thanks for the suggestions!

I have now tried the following without success:

  • Removed the SD card (it’s not formatted as internal)
  • Restarted the phone in safe mode to see if any 3rd party apps were causing issues.

I have reached out to support (purchased my phone less than 2 years ago) and am waiting for a response. I’ll update the thread as I go.


You may want to try and remove the screen, clean and reassemble. If you do send to Fairphone they will wipe the data, so ensure you have any personal stuff, contacts, images etc. copied to a safe place. Maybe an SD card formatted as Portable

So the Fairphone team has asked that I send my phone in for a repair, however, I’m based in Canada so I can’t send it to them. Well, I could send it but they wouldn’t be able to ship it back.

Instead, I’m going to try to take it apart and clean it and if that doesn’t work, then I’ll ask the Canadian forum to see if anyone has a repair shop they like.

Stay tuned…


Yes certainly a thing to try. As amoun said, use isopropyl alcohol or high-grade medical use alcohol, applied with cotton buds. Allow plenty of time to dry before re-assembling.

Follow the iFixit teardown but don’t go beyond step 7 if you want to preserve the warranty.

As for sending the phone in for repair (and getting it back) maybe we could work something out with a relay in Europe. Send me a PM if you’re interested.