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Hi, I have a Fairphone with /e/OS preinstalled, used for a couple of weeks, working great for now, but the phone is too big for my hands (trying to get used to it). It’s also slippery, and I have already droped it several times, causing the four edges to scratch a little. I don’t use the bumper because the phone feels just huge with it, but I would like some extra protection (I also feel it’s slippery even with the bumper on).

Anyway, I just saw there’s an official FP3 protective case, but looking at the photos it feels like the case is just as ‘huge’ as the bumper, I mean that it’s not a ‘slim’ or ‘minimal’ case, that the edges of the case are in a higher level than the phone, screen, I mean that it’s not flat when you put it in a table with the screen downwards … (sorry, I don’t know how to explain it in English).

Anyway, I would appreciate if someone that already has the case would be so kind to show some pictures or tell her/his opinion about the size, ‘slipperyness’… or any other thoughts about it.


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Hi Graz :wave:
I expect my case to arrive today or tomorrow and will post pics then.
Of course a case, intended to protect the phone, must protrude and enclose the phone, as a matter of fact. And thereby makes the phone bigger (and not smaller :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) .
Me personally, I really like the user experience with my FP3; I don’t consider it too big or too slippery, I never dropped it so far and I consider the bumper a great help.
Greets, Dramaqueen


This is intentional, so when you drop your phone and it lands screen downwards, the glass of the screen never touches the floor so it doesn’t break. I’ve dropped my FP2 multiple times and it never had a crack because of that. A case that is flat with the display is essentially almost useless.


A case that is flat with the display is essentially almost useless.

Well, my previous smartphone lasted almost 3 years and I dropped it like 100 times minimum, and its protective case was flat with the display (as seen in picture). According to my experience, the real factor not to break the screen is using a protective glass to avoid cracking the screen (i dropped my phone several times with the screen hitting directly to the floor, and never broke). Maybe I was lucky, but then I was lucky at least 100 times haha.:woman_shrugging:IMG_20200602_125457

@Dramaqueen Lovely, thank you very much!

Bought some time ago the new protective case. In the beginning I had the feeling that it is expensive but since today my opinion is: Price is okay, because today it dropped from a ladder and a height of about 1.80 m to a concrete floor.
There is no scratch on the phone!!

Thank you Fairphone for the cover!


As for the question if the case is slippery: I’d say yes. I bought a FP3 about a month ago with a protective case, and had a FP1 with a protective case until then. The FP1’s case had parts of softer “rubber” (or whatever it actually was) on the longer side, which gave it a good “grip”, e.g. when picking it up from the table. Being used to the good grip of my FP1, I dropped my new FP3 once one of its first days because its protective case has a lot less grip than the one for FP1 and it simply slipped off my fingers. Luckily it survived the drop to the floor unharmed (so far). However, apart from the decidedly improvable grip on its longer sides, the case for the FP3 seems to be of very good quality.


While I am still very happy about the green colour version of the FP3 Protective Case, I want to add an aspect not mentioned so far (as far as I remember).

When you put the bumper on an FP3 (or an FP3+) properly and haven’t got permanently shaky hands, it allows you to let the FP3 (FP3+) stand on its slim long side (the edge) on a flat surface.

Unfortunately, this seems near impossible with the protective case. The angle between slim side and back side is not close enough to 90°, so it will fall on its back once you release your fingers from it.

Now this might not be relevant to most users, but I find it a real pity because the option to have the device stand on its slim side is great for photo shots with delayed trigger. It is also possible when neither the bumper nor the protective case is put on, but that is certainly not a good solution in the long run (bumper and protective case will wear out from taking them off the device frequently).

P.S.: By the way, this was never possible at all with both the FP1 and the FP2.

EDIT: I have to admit I somewhat managed to get it stand still in the described way with the protective case on now, but it is still quite a fragile equilibrum. You need to knead-push the upper “lip” of the case towards the center of the display side first to approximate the desired 90° angle.


If the phone is already big for you, the protective case won’t make a difference.

My suggestions is, do not buy the green version, because for me it changed colour within 2 month and looked ugly. Black is good so far.

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