FP3 problem with Sennheiser headphone

I can’t plug in my earphones (they have a plug like this one - https://en-de.sennheiser.com/earbuds-cx-100 - sort of right angleish).

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Would it work without the bumper?


Consider buying a (small) 3.5 mm extension cable.

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@AnotherElk yes it does (the bumper was really difficult to get off).

@JeroenH thanks! I was thinking of an adapter, but the cable is also a good idea.

Ok, so it’s “only” the bumper that’s in the way (I can relate, by the way, it’s really not easy to remove).
@JeroenH’s suggestion is good, a short extension cable or an adapter should do the trick.
Alternatively, you could leave the bumper aside and get a protective case for the phone which doesn’t block out this particular headphone jack.

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Either would work. Just be mindful about the size of the extension, and whether you need male/female or female/female.

I actually have a similar issue with my bumper plus my wired headphones (some cheap Marley). I can plug in 3.5 mm fine, and it works, but if I twist it in a certain angle it can disconnect. Of course that happens when I put the FP3 back in my coat right before I leave the train, leading to stress. It does however work, and if I just use the correct angle, it works great.

Eventually I want to go running with the FP3, and listen to music or radio, so I need a solid situation that works even when in motion. Will try it, after my normal sized FP1 the FP3 really is quite BIG (why is that btw?)

I realise that money doesn’t grow on trees (especially with the plastic banknotes that seem to emerge in various countries these days), but if your budget permits I’d recommend bluetooth in-ear headphones for running. That minimises the risk of the headphones unplugging and of a sudden jerk on the cable causing the phone to drop onto the road.


I somehow prefer cable over BT plugs. Just a habit, I think years ago BT wasn’t completely safe, or not so healthy or whatever, so I stuck with it (and I find these cut off white apple plugs really ugly). Don’t know what the situation is nowadays I have to admit.

Mine are actually these, Sennheiser sports https://de-de.sennheiser.com/sport-orhhoerer-kopfhoerer-smartphones-musik-mx-686g with microphone for taking calls (which I obv. don’t do when I’m running) and I’ve been running with them for years now without problems. They’re also rain-proof. The FP1 fits in a special small neopren belt bag I have, or simply in the inside pocket of a running jacket, that’s why I’m wondering about the size of the new phone a bit. Anyway, so far I’ve never dropped it. Not while running at least.

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If you’re happy with wired, I recommend to stick with it. Wireless has its drawbacks.

Bluetooth just sits at 2.4 GHz. It is safe to use, health-wise. BLE isn’t secure, but this is also not implied, and it is relatively energy efficient. I would not rely on Bluetooth for anything security related.

I’ve done running with wired on FP2 (FP3 not yet). Done with wireless as well, but yeah quality differs and then perhaps you get pairing/connectivity issues. In general, I get disappointed with Bluetooth headsets. The only headset I’ve been content with, is a Logitech G933 but with that I only use the wireless, that is a gaming headset, and it requires a USB-A dongle for the wireless (it does not use Bluetooth).

With regards to FP3 being large. It is 10% longer than FP2. For the rest the dimensions are very similar. If you can put it in a waterproof pocket, gg. If it doesn’t fit, well… there are multiple solutions to that but none ideal.

Don’t know about FP2, I’m still using my FP1, and that is a lot smaller. Just out of curiosity, what is the advantage of a larger phone?

Easier browsing, less scrolling (esp tall ones), easier to read, more screen to watch video. Side by side (multitasking), not so much. Maybe with the foldable trend. Landscape mode lies very well in two hands with FP3 IMO.

maybe you can cut the hole in the bumper a bit wider, so it will fit?

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Thank you! I wonder who they got to test it, only men and women with big hands? For my use and liking it is still too big after a few days. I don’t need a miniature tablet, but a smartphone.
Back to topic: I am sure Sennheiser are not the only ones who produce earphones with an angle-plug, and they have been not really usable with FP bumper / cover since FP1. So again I would suggest widening the test group when developing the phone.

edit 19:05 Uhr: I learned from Urs that with more force it is possible to get the angle plug earphone in, even with the bumper. (didn’t work with the FP1 cover, so there’s clearly an improvement in this aspect).

I just tried my cheapo Sony earphones with an angle plug and it works well. However, after plugging it in I first didn’t get to hear anything either – until I pushed it a bit further until I could unmistakably hear the plug properly “clicking” in. And the plug is necessarily longer than yours because this includes a microphone with a pause button.


With the bumper? Mine only works without the bumper as that is apparently only designed for straight sockets.

Not sure, I’m a bit afraid that that might ruin the stability of the bumper.

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Yes, with the bumper on. As I said, I had to push again to make it click properly into place. It felt like it sat right on the first push, but after I didn’t hear anything, I noticed it needed to be pushed further down until it clicked (einrastete).
Following that I also turned the plug around 360° inside the port and the audio stayed stable.


thank you! I tried it with a much harder push and now it works as well. I guess I am still too soft for the FP3…


Is there a case that definitely fits these angled headphone sockets?

I’ve just tried the pushing harder trick with the bumper and that works, so thank you for that. I am concerned that doing that on a regular basis might end up causing damage to the phone/headphones by pushing it too far.

As Ruth points out, I also wouldn’t want to damage the integrity of the bumper by making the hole larger.