FP3 overnight battery drain

Hi All!

I recently noticed my FP3 losing about 20% of the battery during night with data and WIFI disabled and no usage at all.
The battery monitor utility does not detect any anomaly: ‘Phone has typical background battery usage’

Any guess on what could cause it and how to solve it?

I have similar problems the last week, I think after the last OS upgrade. I charged fully one night, then woke to 38% battery. After the phone ran out completely and was fully charged again it seemed to work okay, but then yesterday I also start to lose power quickly for no reason. The battery settings didn’t suggest anything abnormal. Things seem back to normal again now … I wonder how long for.

Thanks for your input mifads.
I will try to bring the battery to 0 and then fully charge it.
Tonight it went from 44% to 26%. Too much drain for background activity with no internet connection.

Did you reboot the phone already?

Hi AnotherElk

Yes, I did reboot the phone but it did not help


I feel that my phone has a distinctly poorer battery life after a OS update earlier in the year. Previously my phone battery might last a couple of days in a pinch, now it is hard pressed to make it through one day.

All this could be a problem with a specific app but the battery usage data collected is minimal. A small fraction of the battery power is accounted for but the rest just seems to disappear. I have tried rebooting the phone during the day. That seems to help. As if the phone can get stuck in a battery consuming loop and rebooting lets it start again.

Is there any way to get more information about what is causing the drain?


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I spent a few hours with my phone in safe mode and the battery seemed to behave much better. That suggests that it’s a particular app that’s to blame. As the battery usage isn’t helping I’m going to have to just uninstall things and see what happens.

Memory usage may provide an indication (as I myself learned on this forum).
Assuming there’s something similar on FP3, on FP2 it can be seen here:
Settings > Memory > Memory used by apps > App usage

I have the same problem. I have to restart in the morning (after recharching at night) and the whole day everything is perfect. But in the next morning (don’t know the exact time) the battery draining starts again. The problem is that the fairphone does not get to deep sleep mode. But I still don’t know what app is the problem.

Hi Adrienne,
In FP3 there is a Battery usage tool but it is not very helpful. Right now, the sum of the battery used by the listed apps gives 10% since full charge, but the battery is at 60%

Worth to mention that you can also switch to a list of hardware using the battery (with the three dots in the top right corner when you have the App list).

If you actively use the phone, normally the display should top the list, but with these current stock Android battery statistics (not only on the Fairphone 3) you really can’t diagnose inexplicable drains very well, they just don’t show much.

You’ll need an additional App for that.

Similar for FP2! Hence the suggestion to check the memory usage - it might give you a clue about a particular app.
EDIT - Perhaps not “you” in your case, Emanuele! Rather “generic you”. (My earlier post was in reaction to glasgowmatthew’s question.)

I’m also seeing really high battery usage at the moment. I’ve only had my phone 9 weeks and it seems to have only happened over the past few weeks (I think) but I’ve yet to work out what’s going on. My previous old Motorola has better battery life than this which is pretty annoying.

Since uninstalling a bunch of apps I feel the battery performance has been better. I have still recharged it during the day but have also used it more. I’ve installed AccuBattery to see if it can supply any more information.

Does AccuBattery help?
I’ve also been re-charging 2 times a day the last week; very irritating for a phone that used to last for days if pretty inactive. Last night I set to airplane mode, and lost almost no power at all - I woke up to 98%! That suggests that even with mobile-data turned off, something is draining the battery anyway.

Looking at the comments above, I tried to check memory settings, but didn’t find any icon/option to show me that.

if you’re no afraid of some ADB stuff to allow a permission, gsm battery (my brother tells me) can provide more information on background drain

AccuBattery gives a lot more information than the battery settings. (You will have to give it some extra permissions.) At the moment WhatsApp seems to be the biggest drain by a factor of 10. I’m going to start re-installing some of the apps that I took off earlier.

Has everybody here updated to the latest OS version A.0120? (Check Settings > About phone > Build number) Some users have reported that it helped with a battery drain, although it is unclear if that effect is lasting.

I have that A.0120 build on my FP3, and it was only after I upgraded to that that the problems started! Today my phone is working fine, with the battery reporting 2 days remaining. This may have been caused by the use of aeroplane mode last night (closing something?), or some change I made in gmail settings earlier today (stopped background something-I-can’t find right now).

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I’m using the A.0120 build.

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