FP3 not working with new top module (earphones crackle, no calls poss.)

after months of contacting support and waiting waiting waiting I recently got a new top module (warranty). To be on the safe side I ordered some tools at ifixit and last night, following the thorough instructions of ifixit page Fairphone 3 oberes Modul tauschen - iFixit Reparaturanleitung I replaced the module.
All went very well. When I had finished I could finally plug in the earphones and got the click!
unfortunately it doesn’t work otherwise, I only get a crackling sound.

Any ideas?
thank you!


Are you using the earphones with a bumper or case, if so try without. I found I had the same problem as the plug wasn’t seated in the socket far enough. I had to cut over a millimeter from the plastic for it to work?


EDIT I note you didn’t say if you had the same problem before you got the new module

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I use the Fairphone earphones.
And I got the new module because I had a problem with earphones, couldn’t insert them properly.

Just noticed that I cannot make calls. I dial a number and apparently it rings at the other end, but I hear nothing.
So I guess it might be best to open the phone check the connections again? (looked ok when I connected the cable though)

Problem solved!
It’s the old “switching it off and on again”. I dissembled and reassembled everything, and now it is working fine. (and yes, I did check the first time, that the cable was fully connected, but maybe it wasn’t. that could be an explanation).


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