FP3: No VPN-Connection over mobile Networks after Android 10 update, vpn over WLAN ok

After update to Android 10, vpn IPSEC-connections over mobile network are not working. With WLAN vpn connections are okay. The vpn-server is my Fritzbox 7590.
When starting the vpn connection on my FP3, I get the message “no network connection available - Try again later”. Internet connection over mobile network is working.
Similar misbehaviour appears, when activating a vpn connection on my notebook, connected to the FP3 WLAN hotspot.
With my old Samsung Galaxy S5 (Lineage OS, Android 9, same SIM-card) all vpn connections are successfully. My network provider is “Deutsche Telekom”. I found a Topic about Telekom-Network, UDP and vpn not working, but I believe that this is not my issue, because this problem occurs since FP3 updated to Android 10. With Android 9 it works perfect.

Had the same problem: try setting a new APN using the parameters from your service provider. Check their website. Mine were different from the defaults on the SIM card and this solved it.


thank you arizonadeux for your hint ! My APN changed to a IP-V6-APN, but IPSEC-VPN need IP-V4. So I changed my APN from “internet.v6.telekom” to “internet.telekom”. I added the new APN, the parameters and switched to the new APN. It was successful!


Thanks a lot. I had the same problem after the android 10 update.
Changing the APN to “internet.telekom” instantly fixed the issue.

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