FP3+No Fingerprint after restart

After a simple restart the Fingerprint isn’t working anymore. Also there are no settings for the Fingerprint.
Seems like it disappeared…

When you first attempt to access your phone, fingerprints authentication is disabled until you log in with your PIN - that’s normal behaviour.

Is that what is happening? Or do you mean it’s not working at all, even after first unlocking your phone.


I unlocked the phone many times with the pin but there are no options for the Fingerprint. The function is completely gone

Does this mean it was working before and you managed to make it work at least once? Did you do an update in between, or anything particular? Someone said they had a google play system update this morning to 1st september security patch, could it be perhaps related?
Btw., there is already a thread about this problem: Android 10: no fingerprint for unlock

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