[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS-GSI 17.1 for FP3

@DarthDavester: I have absolutely no clue how my GSI complies with the boot.img, vendor.img, dtbo.img, and product.img, which is installed by /e/; I would guess it may fail as it targets Android 9, which at least with the Fairphone OS failed to run GSI images in the past due to some uncompliant shared libraries.

To be on the safe side, I recommend you to follow the steps I indicated and start with a clean install based on the most recent Fairphone OS version 8901.3.A.0045.20200905 - this is the way I checked out successfully. So, you also benefit from the most recent vendor security patches.


Thank you! In the end I decided to stick with LOS 16. I used to be on /e/ and may want to go back to it. It seemed to me, that would be easier by sticking with pia, at least until /e/ hasn’t updated to Q.

Anyway, thanks for your reply and your work in bringing LOS 17.1 to FP3!

I just installed your ROM on my Fairphone, and it works well :slight_smile:
Quick question though: It seems that the fingerprint sensor is not supported right now. Is there some kind of issue tracker where this can be reported and tracked?

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@phatfone Have you flashed the most recent Fairphone OS version 8901.3.A.0045.20200905 on your FP3 (as I recommend on sourceforge) before putting LOS17.1 on it? There were several issues reported with the fingerprint sensor on the 0033 Android 10 version, but with the latest vendor partition all works fine with me.
Indeed there isn’t any issue tracker, yet.

I think so, as I used the official guide from here, where the archive is called “FP3-REL-Q-3.A.0045-20200905.155001”.

Hmm, I have started from scratch with my own FP3 once again, following the same official Fairphone guide you referred to and installing a newly downloaded “FP3-REL-Q-3.A.0045-20200905.155001” plus installing my own system.img according to my own instructions - all from Debian/Ubuntu and all as I did before… As a result, I was able to reproduce your issue: The fingerprint sensor doesn’t work now although it did before. At the moment, I have no clue why. It might be related to the (random?) issues others observed with the current Android 10 vendor firmẃare (Android 10: no fingerprint for unlock or FP3+No Fingerprint after restart). But before taking any conclusion, I would like to cross-check with some older builds of mine. Unfortunately, I can’t do this before Tuesday - sorry for the delay.

BTW, please feel free to report any issues at https://github.com/fwg-cag/treble_build_los/issues, however, I’m not in a position to guarantee you any support or quick resolution…


To be honest, I have lost track in all the threads covering LOS for FP3.
Is anybody working on a native LOS 17 for the FP3? Or at least on 16? Or is the GSI the only chance to run LOS?

Yes, here’s the native LOS 16: [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for FP3


Thanks for the hint! Seems it is still unofficial, but maybe the most future proof option, right?

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For various reasons I decided to choose native LOS 16 for my FP3, but I absolutely appreciate the work you are doing here.
Thanks a lot!

@phatfone: I have uploaded a new build. Please perform an OTA update Settings > System > Advanced > Updater > Check for new updates > Download > Install > Reboot and I expect your fingerprint sensor to work.

For the developers in the forum and at Fairphone: I suspect a bug in the current Android 10 Fairphone firmware to cause the previous trouble and the issues with the original OS as mentioned above. The bug appears to overwrite (occasionally?) the content of /etc/permissions/android.hardware.fingerprint.xml and so disable the fingerprint sensor. Although this file is present with the proper content on my system.img, the booted devices shows a filesize of 0 and not content at all. I couldn’t find any explanation for this behaviour e.g. in the APEX package com.android.resolv, which is obviously overlaying this directory. However, as a temporary fix I duplicated the content into a second file called android.hardware.fingerprint_fp2a10fix.xml since SystemConfig.java just reads all the xml files in /etc/permissions; this works also in the random case, when android.hardware.fingerprint.xml remains unaffected. I trust that the bug will be resolved in future Fairphone firmware versions such that I can remove my fix accordingly. Till then, we have solution :slight_smile:


Works like a charm: Thank you @fwg-cag!

is there any chance that this will be available for the fp3+ ?
also, I would be intersted in learning how to pack the applications I would install anyway in a rom. I have seen it done many times and I think it’s time for me to do it, maybe releasing it.
My idea would be to ship the rom with privileged f-droid, microg and relative spoofing package and many other applications that any person willing to not use google play services would use

I have no FP3+, so I can’t test anything and all I say now is pure guessing: As the Fairphone Android 10 fastbootimage is the very same for both, FP3 and FP3+, there is a fair chance that the FP3+ features the same ro.product.device property, i.e. “FP3” and the difference is in the camera drivers only. In this case, the present builds should work … you may give it a try and tell us about it :slight_smile:.

The GSI LOS17.1 provided here has no original google play services but contains F-Droid, MicroG with spoofing and Aurora Services as privileged apps. On this basis, you can easily install Aurora Store first and than most other needed FOSS and GPS applications as a user.

In case you want to make your own build with even more applications included, feel free to fork buildbot_treble.sh, modify CUSTOM_PACKAGES and make use of it.


Installation and use work like a charm ! exactly what i was looking for my new FP3, thanks a lot @fwg-cag :fu:
I just have an issue : when i connect my JBL GO speaker with bluetooth, audio out is correctly set , but sound is still coming from phone. How can i have sound from the speaker ?


I’ve got the same bluetooth issue with mit car audio.
Everything else works perfectly.
Thanks a lot @fwg-cag !!!

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@phg, @in-go: Thank you for your feedback!

On my own device BT works fine, both, with a plantronics headset and an UE ROLL 2 speaker. However, my own device yet runs on a pimped 8901.2.A.0134 firmware, which isn’t the right way forward but at least tells that there are LOS17.1 compliant drivers existing. I can check next Tuesday on another FP3 what happens at the current 8901.3.A.0045 firmware, so please stay tuned & cross the fingers I can reproduce your issue w/o your JBL GO and your car …

Don’t be confused if an OTA update may pop up already before: This would just be the new build with the Oct android security patches…


Thanks for your answer.
I was happy to found this fix, that say to turn off Disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload in Developer Options, but it doesn’t work for me : option is grey out, so i turned off and on developer options, and then i could turn off thé option. But after reboot, option came back on and grey out!
So i will wait for tuesday crossing my fingers :smiley:

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@phg: I was able to reproduce your issue with my BT devices, which connect fine but don’t play the sound. I observed that also the volume button doesn’t change to the volume_music_bt one. Unfortunately, I have no fix for it as I suspect an issue with the 8901.3.A.0045 firmware as the root cause. With the regular Fairphone OS similar issues appear to be reported here. We may have to wait for a firmware update by Fairphone - I’m very sorry :frowning:

@developers in the forum and at Fairphone: Do you have any idea what goes wrong and how to overcome it? I have compared my properly working device and the one on the latest firmware. On the working pimped 8901.2.A.0134 firmware logcat briefly says when configuring the BT hardware:
10-12 09:12:30.094 2018 2159 I bt_stack: [INFO:btif_config.cc(798)] write_checksum_file: Disabled for multi-user, since config changed removing checksums.
10-12 09:12:30.654 2018 2439 W bt_btif : bta_av_open_rc: Using the new AVRCP Profile
while the current 8901.3.A.0045 firmware leads to:
10-06 17:50:41.810 2003 2140 I bt_stack: [INFO:btif_config.cc(798)] write_checksum_file: Disabled for multi-user, since config changed removing checksums.
10-06 17:50:41.815 2003 2410 W bt_stack: [WARNING:metrics.cc(773)] LogClassicPairingEvent: failed for 88:c6:XX:XX:XX:XX, handle 65535, hci_cmd 0x000fffff, hci_event 0x0007, cmd_status 000000, reason 0x0fff, event_value 0, error -19
10-06 17:50:41.844 2003 2410 I bt_stack: [INFO:btsnoop.cc(289)] whitelist_l2c_channel: Whitelisting l2cap channel. conn_handle=2 cid=0x0040:0x03c1
10-06 17:50:41.846 2003 2410 E bt_l2cap: l2cu_adjust_out_mps bad packet size: 0 will use MPS: 0
10-06 17:50:41.863 2003 2410 W bt_stack: [WARNING:metrics.cc(795)] LogSdpAttribute: failed for 88:c6:XX:XX:XX:XX, protocol_uuid 0x110b, attribute_id 000000, error -19
10-06 17:50:41.863 2003 2410 W bt_stack: [WARNING:metrics.cc(795)] LogSdpAttribute: failed for 88:c6:XX:XX:XX:XX, protocol_uuid 0x110d, attribute_id 0x0009, error -19
10-06 17:50:41.863 2003 2410 W bt_stack: [WARNING:metrics.cc(795)] LogSdpAttribute: failed for 88:c6:XX:XX:XX:XX, protocol_uuid 0x0019, attribute_id 0x0004, error -19
10-06 17:50:41.924 2003 2410 W bt_btif : bta_av_rc_create: Skipping RC creation for the old AVRCP profile


An OTA update is available featuring the Oct 2020 Android/LineageOS security patches.