FP3: my order just got delayed by one month! from mid Sep. to mid Oct. to early Nov

Peut-être que c’est ça :

Les autres ont commandé le premier jour (d’après ce que j’ai vu).

I received my payment confirmation e-mail 55 minutes after release. Phone only. Still at “prepare shipment”.

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Well, if even you wait for delivery notification, although you ordered just the phone.
Us, having ordered the charger and cable as well, will sure wait even some more. :wink:

My order status just changed from “Rhenus prepare shipping” to “prepare order”. I ordered early on the first day and my order includes charger and cable. Getting my hopes up…


Awesome!! Same with me! :crossed_fingers:
[First hour order, with charger and cable…]


Same here. About time :slight_smile: .


Same here. I ordered on the third day, no charger, no cable.


Pareil pour moi :smiley:

Hi ! Same here, status is now “preparing order”.
I ordered the Fairphone two minutes after the shop went online (yes, I hit “Refresh” a lot of times haha).


So it’s a bit disillusioning, that the order is not shipped sooner than if you had ordered the third day like @Lidwien, isn’t it?
(I ordered in minute 12, and feel a tiny little bit let down. :wink: )
Seems like the tide is rolling, my status changed the same way. :grin:


Mine too! 1st day order with charger and cable.

Does anyone remember how long “Preparing order” took for them? :slight_smile:

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Well, I was sad enough when the delivery was delayed by a month while Orange/Sosh was already selling it in my country so…
The most important thing is that everybody’s happy with the phone when they get it.

Look at it the other way, The first batch is big enough to please more people :wink:


Hi everyone,
This thread has just got me thinking:

  • I too heve been checking the order status every day since 27th August
  • I too have bee brooding on why some orders placed later than mine have already been delivered
  • I too (I live in France) have told myself : why didn’t I wait and order through Orange/Sosh?
    Think on this: I/we are used to everything being available (almost) immediately to a point that an unexpected delay, say a few weeks, becomes terribly frustrating.
    Doesn’t this tell us something on how our minds are perverted by the principles of mass consumption, even us (future)Fairphoners who like to consider ourselves a bit more savvy than the average consumer?
    So let’s pause, take a breath, and face the truth: there are much worse things going on in the world or in our neighborhood than FP3 being delyaed… :wink:

That’s exactly what I think.
That’s why it’s not a big deal, I can wait a few more days :wink:
But I still feel kind of betrayed because they put a big company like Orange before us without any warning whatsoever.

I agree, but my order just changed to “Preparing order”, so my perversion just got a bit more satisfied now. (Ordered charger and a USB-C cable with my FP3.)

You nailed it!
… but rationality is only one side of human nature.

Fairphone simply can’t afford to lose their third-party sellers. They are an important part of their business strategy. So, it’s totally understandable that they first tried not to delay deliveries to their business partners too much before delevering to private single buyers. I get that and am fine with it - but now I’m happy that my status has also changed to “preparing order”. Hope to get the phone Monday or Tuesday.


Makes sense - the number of satisfied and waiting respectively end customers is just the same, no matter which channel is served first.

BTW, my status is still “Waiting for FP Open OS” :wink:


Oh! A new unknown status :open_mouth:
Keep us updated :grin: