FP3 LineageOS 18.1 Camera App

Hi First I don’t use lineage so excuse me butting in.

Anyway I read a lot of the posts, and there are a few. What strikes me is that all the queries get added to the same thread, which makes the topic a bit burdensome.

So I am going out on a leg and opening this as I see a few posts about the camera.

  • What I gather is that the developers use Snap
  • There was query as to why not use the default one in FOS
  • Just mentioned is the Open camera app
  • So has anyone thought about the nikita app
    Nikita: NGCam_8.1.101-v1.3-fix

or are the nikta and the default FOS too embedded with google eyes.

I assume you are talking about the FP3 so I added this to the title. I actually like everything in one place and not scattered in multiple posts when I want to inform me about new/current LOS Version/issues.Also are the developer aware oft this post here, as they are the persons who step in and maintain and look at issues?

If you or the developers want to move this OK but I find it horrible and puts me of Lineage support. Maybe if I install it I’ll get used to the Topic it’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Well, it’s true it’s not always the best format and some posts get lost sometimes. But otherwise the topics are separate and it’s not easy to find them all.
It may be an idea to discuss in #discuss:the-forum about how LOS topics should be dealt with, and see what is the best for the devs (for them it’s probably easier to just follow a single topic), originally they even had their own category in the forum, and there was only the FP2, before this changed, so we should perhaps think the system again with tags.
And btw., it’s not a thread but a topic, it would be easier if it were threads.

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Yes I wondered why there wasn’t a separate category for LOS


What is this Snap camera? I’ve not heard of it before

I only picked up the ‘word’ from the LeageOS topic but here’s some detail.

I’m pretty happy with GCam by Nikita (on my FP3 with LOS18.1 and LOS17.1 previously). Performance is quite choppy at times but otherwise it’s nice to have a camera that does not take five seconds from pressing the button to the actual picture being taken like with OpenCamera. The only thing I know of that consistently crashes the app is selecting the 1/8x slow motion video. Another downside is of course that it’s not available in any store so people afraid of executing random apks on their phone might be deterred by that. Feature-wise and in terms of the UX it’s scores ahead of everything I’ve tried, but I also don’t know Snap camera. I don’t know whether any telemetry data are collected by the app, but I guess the processes can always be isolated or at least blocked using a Firewall.

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Snap is the name of the stock LOS camera app.

Snap is only available for users using LOS, and what you linked to is not Snap the LOS camera, it’s a random camera app which doesn’t seem to have been updated for 3 years, please don’t mix things up.

There is a duplicate discussion in the Lineage topic, I think it would be better to discuss it down there. I’m tentatively closing the topic here so the discussion can go on over here, please tell me if you’d rather keep this topic.