FP3+: Issues with Android 13 update

Hallo, seit dem Update ist, sobald ich jemanden auf dem Mobipnetz Anrufe, kein Klingelton/Freizeichen zu hören, aber beim Anruf zu einem Festnetz funktioniert alles wie gewohnt.
Kann das jemand bestätigen?

Hello, since the update, as soon as I call someone on the mobip network, there is no ringtone/dial tone, but when calling a landline everything works as usual.
Can anybody confirm this?

yes as you can read above, many can confirm to not hear a dial tone and it helps to turn off VoLTE.



I’ve experienced some similar issues with my FP3.
My battery even swelled up, so I will need a new one. YT is crashing, the responsiveness in general is bad, the colors are now dull and also for some of the tools I have to go into settings instead of pressing once like I used to do.

It’s been a terrible experience, I completely regret upgrading the phone.


The battery swelling is for sure not related to the update. But anyway, get a new one, use the old one until it is completely empty don’t recharge it and make sure to store it where it can not inflame anything else until you can bring it t a recycling center or similar.


FairPhone has pushed the update and not warned that the changes were going to happen with the UI or the way hardware buttons would be working going forward - So yes in essence they have indeed broken the phone by not issuing a warning - And they can communicate directly with the user and have done so on other occasions to collect surveys etc. The same with the coloring scheme / dark light settings etc. the bloated menu - Pushing an update without explicit explanation that everything about the way the phone is operated and that you are going to completely change the look and feel that people have spent a long time adjusting is in effect breaking it

My primary reason for doing any upgrade is security, I couldn’t care less for anything else

To summarize you are complaining about changes made by Google between Android 11 and Android 13. Since it was explicitly written that it was an upgrade to Android 13, I think you could also have looked a bit about the changes before updating on a website like Android 13 customisable apps and security controls – Android (Google announces the biggest changes for each version).


No not really - I am annoyed at Fairphone pushing a new update and not warning for example via the system they use to ask for user experience - I 100% believe Fairphone are responsible for upgrades happening to their mobiles and would reccommend they abolish standard Android alltogether in favor of e.foundation so that users regain more control of their sets. But it is funny how people crawl out of the woodworks to defend Fairphone this way. I have been a satisfied user up until now and the second I make a point about issues caused by a Fairphone update you are there to defend and deflect blame to Google. If I wanted Google to maintain and decide everything regarding my set I would probably have bought a Pixel. The point is that if you are building a set, and you brand this set as your own. You also owe it to your buyers to listen to them and adhere to their wishes should enough of them feel there is an issue. Please just stop your apologetic mission and instead if you want to participate look at technical solutions that will re-enable the lost functionality. And if you can’t do that simply stay silent. Fairphone doesn’t need you to champion them like knights, I am already a customer. If anything you are doing the brand a disservice by alienating me from what could be an actually useful technical community rather than several of you going on rants on how stop blaiming fairphone.


What you see as defending blindly Fairphone, I personally consider it as making the user responsible for what she/he does.

To be more constructive, the solution to your ‘problem’ seems to install /e/os on your phone. For this, you can use the easy installer. See Info about Fairphone FP3/3+ - FP3.
Another solution could be to install a launcher.


Yep, I got that too.

And to answer @Alain_Guillet yes I turned off auto-rotate. It helped with the slowness but didn’t completely fix it. E.g. when taking photos, I now have to wait several seconds between taking each photo.

Same issue here, lot of trouble due to this when living close to country border.
Any workaround found in the meanwhile ?

Nope. Data roaming only works intermittently. I noticed something even worse. Upon reboot my FP3 defaults to my German SIM card for mobile data in Switzerland. With a different contract, this behaviour would be quite expensive for me. On Android 12, there used to be a setting “default SIM card for mobile data”. This has been removed. So in order to switch data SIMs, I have to turn off mobile data and turn it back on. Only then pops up the dialogue and it lets me use the Swiss SIM in Switzerland. It’s so broken!

Team fp3, you borked that update. I trust you to watch those forum threads carefully and fix at least the breaking changes before Xmas. Your community is experiencing escape velocity these days.

I would advice to contactsupport

I’m wondering: in the past you could not enable mobile data on both SIM cards at the same time on the FP3. Did this change? And if not do you say, its enabled in the settings by itself?

And btw FPOS on the FP3 was Android 11 before

any updates on dial tone etc ?
How will this go on ? Do we get an update for the update ?

Diese Option gibt es bei mir auch nicht. :flushed:

I don’t have that option either.

Diese Option gibt es bei Vodafone Germany nicht.

This option does not exist with Vodafone Germany.

An interesting observation today: There is someone I sometimes help out with his FP3. Previously, I disabled the update notification and that the update might be installed after a reboot. Today I saw that he had Android 13 installed, because he confirmed some notification that still showed up.

I did not notice any problems like high power consumption, slow speed or Wifi problems. The ringtone did get reset to default however. However, he is not really a “heavy user” and does not use the fingerprint reader anyway, or any apps that demand certain security settings.

For myself, I am still not planning to install it, and I also noticed some popup like “Hey, install Android 13 and your system will be fine” once or twice.

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Is there anyone here that has tried a manual install of android 13?

I have done an in os update and experiencing a few bugs and general performance decrease.

Yes …

Whether a manual install would help against the bugs would depend on the individual bugs, which bugs do you have?
The chances that it would help against a general performance decrease are rather high, I think, since not everybody having done the in-place upgrade experiences this. But it would still depend.

A manual install will eliminate the in-place upgrading process as a source for any issues. So at a minimum it’s a very valuable troubleshooting step.

I sometimes need to reboot the phone because phone hangs between sleeps “black screen”. And then reboot twice to get lte data work again. This happens approximately once/day.

Performance decrease

weaker wifi reception at home

Do you experience any of this with clean install?

I was thinking of wait for next update to do this time consuming task with hope of more bugs fixed

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