FP3+: Issues with Android 13 update

Hi, I did the update yesterday. I didn’t try many of the functionalities described previously because I don’t use them. What doesn’t work for me anymore is the possibility to choose which data I use on a double sim. On one I have 40GB/month (Bouygues-pro number), on the other 5GB/month (SFR-personnal number). And I’m half stuck with the 5GB one. The only way to use the other data is to uncheck the sfr “use this profil sim” So I don’t receive call and texts from friends… That is very annoying ! I use the connection sharing a lot… Any idea ?

You cant and as far as I know never could enable mobile data on both cards and then select which one to use. However you can just enable/disable the SIM used/not used

Look at 🇫🇷 Gestion double sim - #4 by OldRoutard. The thread is in French and gives a solution to the problem you have.

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Thanks for the workaround. I have experienced the same problem.
For my Telekom SIM card the option is not called “4G” but “VoLTE”.
And I had to disable both “VoLTE” and “Wi-Fi Calling” to hear a ringtone.


Hi all,

Screen Cast is glitching for me with the new update. I select “Cast screen to device” and select the usual device (Samsung smart TV), as soon as I select “Allow” on the smart TV the FP3 restarts! When the restart is completed the phone displays the screen cast icon as if it is connected and casting to the smart TV, but it is not connected.

I’m experiencing most other bugs also, but this one is the most frustrating.

Any thoughts?

Which app do you use ? It works with VLC.

Youtube videos over WhatsApp.

It works for me so the problem is not simply related to the Android 13 update.

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In my case, the change to my ring tone is working locked and unlocked.
But also my individual ring tones set for specific contacts are set back to standard.

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Do anyone else face problems with NFC and/or wallet after the update?
Seems NFC is not working any more.

I paid with my bank app using NFC and it worked. When you mention Wallet, do you talk about Google wallet?

Hi, since this seems to be the big thread for the update, I’d like to add another. I’m in Italy and my German SIM card struggled to log into the correct network for mobile internet, even on Android 12. Prior to the update I could manually pick the network and switch to the correct one. Now on 13 it just tells me there’s no connection possible on either of the available networks. It also used to tell me if the network is either 2G or 4G, nor they are all displayed the same. Look…

So my somewhat solvable issue became a problem.

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Yes, I talk about the Google Wallet

I paid using Google Wallet after the Android 13 update yesterday. No problem. NFC in general works just fine.

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Maybe you could delete your card and add it again in Google wallet.

I also updated to Android 13 yesterday and everything seems more or less fine except the wifi connection.
It disconnects and reconnects every few seconds.
I use a Fritzbox router with a WPA2+WPA3 2.4 GHz wifi.
Changed between WPA/WPA2/WPA3 but no success.
My two notebooks with MX Linux and one OpenWRT router got the same problem.
I made the wifi on the notebooks more reliable with manual connection settings and some time later fixed it with a kernel update.

I found another bug.
You can’t hear the ‘beep’ tone when you call someone.

You can add what we think is a DNS issue (or certificat issue) with custom DNS resolver.

Ok the wifi issue is not really a wifi issue…
I got the same problem with my usb-c lan adapter which worked before.
Now the lan connection drops every second.

I also use Wireguard to connect my Fairphone to my home network which provides ad blocking and dns resolving through Adguard Home and Unbound.
This still works.

In your router, do you have a WPA2-only mode?
I’m asking this because FP3/ Android 13 causes issues when WPA2/WPA3 combined mode with SAE.

I can use wpa + wpa2 or wpa2 only or wpa2 + wpa3.
I tested all of them.
But like I said, it’s the same with lan.
Doesn’t matter if wifi or wired lan.