FP3+: Issues with Android 13 update

Diese Option gibt es bei Vodafone Germany nicht.

This option does not exist with Vodafone Germany.

An interesting observation today: There is someone I sometimes help out with his FP3. Previously, I disabled the update notification and that the update might be installed after a reboot. Today I saw that he had Android 13 installed, because he confirmed some notification that still showed up.

I did not notice any problems like high power consumption, slow speed or Wifi problems. The ringtone did get reset to default however. However, he is not really a “heavy user” and does not use the fingerprint reader anyway, or any apps that demand certain security settings.

For myself, I am still not planning to install it, and I also noticed some popup like “Hey, install Android 13 and your system will be fine” once or twice.

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Is there anyone here that has tried a manual install of android 13?

I have done an in os update and experiencing a few bugs and general performance decrease.

Yes …

Whether a manual install would help against the bugs would depend on the individual bugs, which bugs do you have?
The chances that it would help against a general performance decrease are rather high, I think, since not everybody having done the in-place upgrade experiences this. But it would still depend.

A manual install will eliminate the in-place upgrading process as a source for any issues. So at a minimum it’s a very valuable troubleshooting step.

I sometimes need to reboot the phone because phone hangs between sleeps “black screen”. And then reboot twice to get lte data work again. This happens approximately once/day.

Performance decrease

weaker wifi reception at home

Do you experience any of this with clean install?

I was thinking of wait for next update to do this time consuming task with hope of more bugs fixed

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Did you switch off the screen autorotation ? It improves the speed for people who have it activated.

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On my phone the UI about once each 3 days gets stuck when rotating the screen but keeps on working, so I can accept incoming calls with my Garmin watch. But at the end I need to remove the battery and restart.
I’ll try disabling the rotation.

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The issue I keep running into is that when I have a Youtube video running and I lock the screen, sometimes I will no longer be able to unlock the phone. Since I have Youtube Plus, the video keeps playing, but when I try to unlock the screen it will be stuck on either black or a still frame of the video and the only thing I found that resolves this is powering off the phone. Changing the video with my fairbuts xl still works, the video still plays audio and the video is switched to the next one in the playlist (Still without the screen changing). It’s weird.


Hello everyone, I have a suggestion. Is it possible that the slowness we are facing is due to an encryption of the phone made by the update ? Specially at the start of the phone.

Hey, thanks. I ordered a new battery.

Something similar happens to me, just with YT (not Plus). It’s so annoying, it happens every time I stop the video and I need to reboot the phone.

Since I update my FP3+ to android 13 several apps require me to login again, redirect towards a webpage, but after entering username and password, it just keeps loading but nothing happens. I have this with several apps. Any idea what the issue may be and how to solve it?

Many thanks.

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Can you give us some examples of these apps?


For now I’ve noticed it on Belgian apps like SNCB (train services) and Farmad.

I experience the same issue since upgrading my FP3 to Android 13.

I live on the Swiss/French border and have a Swiss and a German SIM. Whenever I cross the border into France, both SIM cards switch to a French network relatively quickly, but then stay on that French network even if I return to Switzerland. This stays like this for days on end until I make a trip away from the border region where there is no French network available anymore. I can even restart the phone, remove and reinsert one or both of the SIM cards and in particular the Swiss SIM (from GoMo) will connect to the French network again. And the reception of the Swiss network is definitely better that the French one, where I live…

Before the Android upgrade I could easily switch off automatic network selection, choose the Swiss network and then re-enable automatic network selection. Now, after the upgrade, once my phone decides it likes the French network better, I cannot use mobile data (unless I enable roaming, which isn’t really affordable with my contract) until I either pick up my bike or buy a tram ticket and ride 3-5 km from the border. Pretty inconvenient, if you ask me.

Is there anything know about this behaviour? Do other people besides @legenderic and @thmslg experience this? Is this Fairphone specific or does it also occur on other phone with Android 13? I found googling this issue very difficult and didn’t really find any reports matching my experience. Is there any remedy?

exactly encouter the same problems, feels even like a worthless phone

Firstly, for me the A13 upgrade was smooth and brought some improvements, e.g. battery life.

Besides the known issue of the software downgraded fingerprint security level, has anyone else encountering the notification sound for all notifications staying very high no matter what the “Ring and notification volume” is set to? The ring volume reacts to the setting.

Apologies if this has been talked over before. I searched this thread, but couldn’t find this one discussed yet.

I own a FP3+ and had the same issues.
I used to work for a company specialized on finding “planned obsolesence”, meaning - economy driven early attrition to make consuments rebuy or buy newer products. It is not only hardwarebased, but also softwarebased. This update to me is a strong indicator for such a process, shortly after releasing FP5. I am truly disappointed by FP company, because I bought this phone to avoid these mechanisms.

Today I found a solution - I installed a new OS called \e\OS. The installation is realtively simple (takes about an hour) and you can use nearly all your apps (except Google Pay and Google Watch afaik). You will get a spyfree and smoothly running OS. You can also install third party apps and even Google family link works for me. FP company recommends them too, so it’s officially supported.

Cannot emphasize how much I’d recommend this step, especially after this “planned obsolesence update”.

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I would like to add that I am facing similar issues after the update to Android 13! At first, it seemed to be working very well, but I noticed when I turn on the phone, it takes over an hour for the SIM unlock prompt to appear and until then it claims there are no SIM cards in the phone. And in general, it takes at least an hour after turning the phone on for most applications to start working, which is very inconvenient.

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Since we have user reports of successful upgrades (i.e. without such issues), it might be worth to do a new install of the OS.
In-place upgrades to new basic OS versions are always tricky, on any device with any OS. They might work out well, or not.