FP3+: Issues with Android 13 update

Hi. The same happens to me!! I created a support request with id 1067726 with this and other issues.

Hi. I installed the update one week ago and I experiencing also issues 1, 2, 3 , 5 and 6 (specially the screenshot issue). I do know of the 4th happens because I do not have a SD card inside my device. I created a support request three days ago with id 1067726 with these and other issues like the fact that sometime the device is blocked itself with a dark screen and it is very difficult to get it alive again.

All these stuff are very annoying and wasting time, operations and functionality. I am very happy with my Fairphone 3 from 4 years ago and I never experienced any problem in previous upgrades, but this last one was a real bomb and I honestly think that it was not properly tested nor some changes introduced properly considered previously to the final delivery. I hope Fairphone engineers fix all these issues quickly. On the meantime, I am considering to get another device as I can not be without operate suddenly depending on the random behavior of this last upgrade.

Hi. Thank you for this advice, but what is the relation between screen auto-rotate and the fact that the phone turns off suddenly sometime?

Thank you for this list; you may add

  • “TKB Twint”
  • “aWallet”
  • “TKB One”
    with “Disables feature”

Welcome to the forum jmorillasb.

Good question, but bugs are often abstruse, it’s an essential part of their nature.

Have a look round. Starting with post 26 above in this same thread.

Also here for example.

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Is it important to know how these two things are related ? Not sure as long as it helps and it worked for some people.

If to find a reason, it could be that the screen rotation gets priority over everything else and that the phone is not able to say if the screen should be in landscape or portrait mode.

O.k., then I try to do the same thing. I did the update yesterday, now this dark display also happened here :-(.

Is the following issue (officially) known?

Since the upgrade of my Fairphone 3 the phone happens to get a black screen about three times a week. In such a case, it does not react to anything besides holding the power button long until restart. Twice this did not help and I removed the battery to restart the phone.

Before the last upgrade of my Fairphone 3 I never had this issue. A Fairphone 4 in my household was not upgraded until now and does not habe this issue. A Fairphone 4 of a family member however shows the same behaviour.

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The Android upgrade went well so no problems there. But now the Google bar is placed almost at the top of the screen whereas previously it was near the bottom. Any way I can change it’s position on the home screen?

Hi tito2020
I’ve moved your post here as there’s some discussion of changes from the update.
There’s no way to my knowledge of changing the position of the Google search bar. If you don’t want it at all you can disable the Google app. Alternatively you can use a different launcher - see launchers

You may also be interested in discussions about the search bar in the context of A12 on the FP4, a very similar situation.

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Hi there,
very good job with the Upgrade from Android 11 to 13.
I was not sure if my installed F-Droid-Apps or my Netguard Firewall will function well after Upgrade.
GOOD JOB → both still works well under Android 13 without having to repair something.
Thanks a LOT.
Yes, the Google bar is annoying and not removeable, but I guess Fairphone-Team had to do that and not wanted to do that :wink:


Yes, I’m experiencing a similar issue in that since the update my FP3 will not connect to the mobile network at all! I hope someone has a suggestion!

I updated my FP3 to Android 13 this morning, and since then it won’t connect to mobile data anymore.

I saw many people having issues with WiFi connection, but that works for me. It’s as soon as I leave the network that I can’t connect to the internet anymore. I tried restarting the phone but nothing changed.

In addition I also noticed it got slowe and the battery life deteriorated quite a bit. While this is annoying my first priority is to have mobile data again.

Any suggestions? I’m not very knowledgeable in technical things so please talk like you would to a 8 year old :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

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As you also posted here, I moved your topic here.

Try to reset the APN to default. I assume you checked mobile data are enabled?


Thank you! Yes I did, it just says no connection when I turn off the WiFi.

What is the APN? Sorry about my ignorance.

actually this solved my “black-screen and never return” issue to restart/put off the battery …

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APN = Access Point Names

Find the APN settings of your provider
Now you can check the APN settings on your phone
Go to the app Settings
Choose Network & Internet
Tap on the name of your SIM provider
Scroll down and there you see Access Point Names
Tap on the name and check the settings.

If no name is shown there:
Click on the + (right upper corner of the screen)
Type the APN details of your provider
Then tap on the 3 dots (right upper corner of the screen) and tap on Save.


Just to add: resetting to default is the first thing I would do as the easier option and to be found under the 3 dots


This seems to have worked, thank you so much!!

However now the WiFi connection seems less stable, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence…

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