FP3 is great, but 2 irritating bugs

I like the FP3, but there are two irritating bugs:

  1. No notification lights for incoming calls and messages. You have to pick up and activate the phone to check messages.

  2. After disconnecting the headphone, the internal speaker isn’t switched back on. I have to reboot the phone in order to get the sound back.

This, in combination with no notification lights, have made me miss some important calls…

Please fix this asap.


It works on my FP3.
just listened to a podcast via earphones and when I came home I removed the earphones and hit play again for the podcast, and continued listening via the phone speakers. Worked fine.

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Regarding the headphone jack, please see this topic and continue there …

Regarding the notification LED … this is not a bug technically, as this feature for smartphone vendors seems to be optional in Android nowadays (regardless of how much people would perhaps want to have that), perhaps it still can be implemented with an update.
Please continue in this topic …

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