FP3 is charging unreliably


For a few weeks now, my FP3 is charing unreliably.
When I put the charger it says “slow charging”, and in fact the battery level continues to lower.
If I reboot the phone while charging, it works.

It is kind of annoying to have to reboot my phone each time I want to charge it…

Any idea ?

Thanks !

Have you checked the battery consumption statistics in the Settings? It sounds a bit as if an app might be running wild.

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I just checked it, iIt says that everything is running normally.
Plus my bateery consumption is quite good, I can use it for a day or two.

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You may like to try running in safe mode to disable apps to ensure that isn’t an issue.

You may also have a problematic cable or charger, can you try other options? I’ve had similar problems but with a new Fairphone cable it is all but sorted.


I don’t think it’s a cable or charger issue because I tried another cable, and I also tried to charge from a computer USB port with the same result.

How do I try the safe mode ?


Hi Thomas
Yours is similar none the less, to this problem, solved with a new cable.

I take it you’ve made the routine checks, cleaning the port and so on (be careful not to damage the port when cleaning - and don’t forget the cable connector too).
Any exposure to damp conditions?
Could you specify which OS and version you’re using. As Urs says, this could be software related too.

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