FP3 Charging problem, fixed by rebooting

Hi. My FP3 sometimes doesn’t charge. When I reboot it charges without problems.
It happened several times over the last 2 weeks.
So I assume cable and charger are OK, but probably the phone just has a software glitch.
Does anybody have experienced this too? Any fixes?

Hi there and welcome to the community!

Don’t be too sure and try another one. You never know.

Did you open up the phone to see if there was a problem inside? Did you try another bottom module (by contacting a #fairphoneangel for instance)? Did you check whether your microUSB USB-C (thanks @AnotherElk for the correction :wink:) port isn’t full of lint? It’s not necessarily software, it could be hardware as well.
But if it is indeed software, perhaps you could try to start in #dic:safemode and see whether it changes anything, and if needed then do a #dic:factorydatareset (:warning: #dic:backup before)

Did you do a search on this forum to see whether someone had the same problem and found a solution? Under the tag #charging tag for example. If there is a search option it’s not for fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there

Have the same issue. FP3 charges properly after a reboot only. Otherwise it won’t charge anymore. This started like 1 or 2 weeks ago.

SideNote: On top of the phone the red LED light turns ON for 3 seconds and off and so on all the times.

Are you guys on the current update? How customized your phones are?

@Alex.A you were right. Although the phone charged after reboot, the problem kept persisting. So I went out and bought a new cable (at IKEA!) and now the problem is gone. It still puzzles me why these cables give up after a while…


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