🇫🇷 🇬🇧 FP3 into water... Microphone over

French here, English below

Bonjour, j’ai malencontreusement fait tomber mon FP3 dans l’eau…! Je l’ai vite sorti et séché, malheureusement le micro ne marche plus.
Je peux entendre les gens mais ils ne m’entendent plus.

Je voulais savoir quel(s) module(s) je dois acheter et remplacer?

Merci beaucoup, belle journée

Hi, my FP3 felt into water unfortunately, microphone doesn’t work anymore. I Can hear people but they can’t hear me. Do you know which modules i have to buy and replace please?

Thank you so much, have a good d’Ay

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I have to go on in english, as I only know a few french words. What exactly happened to the phone, was it only exposed to a few drops of water or submerged for a longer time?
There is a guide of what to do in case of a water accident: ✏ How to handle water damage


En tout cas le microphone est dans le module du bas, “bottom module”.

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Merci pour vos réponses… Oui je l’ai fait sécher tant que j’ai pu. Je vais attendre un peu et changer le “bottom module” donc si ça ne revient pas. Merci !

I just realized my Fairphone can’t be charged anymore either…
Is the charging plug included in the bottom module or do i have to change something else also?

Thank you for your answers

Yes, it is.

Thank you Alex! And do you know where i can find the bottom module? It seems to be not longer in stock anymore…

You could try through other resellers, e.g Vireo.

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The phones and modules are being produced in batches, sometimes there’s a gap in availability. Fairphone tend to announce when modules will go out of stock permanently.
Currently it’s safe to assume the bottom module will be back.

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Ou chez Orange.


While you are waiting for a bottom module, if you haven’t dismantled the phone do so and dry the module(s) for 2 days in a flow of cool air ~ you don’t say how you dried it or what was in the water, washing-up liquid, salt, mud from a puddle each requires a different approach.

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