FP3+ gsm-arena review

So, the first review from gsm-arena:


In a market constantly pushing boundaries with camera performance and numbers, having a single snapper is a bit of a handicap. That’s the position the Fairphone 3+ finds itself in. Even after its camera upgrade, you still get just a single 48MP snapper on the back and a 16MP one on the front.

That being said, devices like the Google Pixel have proven that with the right kind of software magic, anything is possible. Hardly what we can expect here but let’s not scratch the Fairphone 3+ based on camera numbers alone.

On a hardware level, the new camera is using a S5KGM1SP03-FGX9 48MP main sensor here, behind an f/1.79 lens. This is a Quad Bayer sensor so it natively produces images in 12MP.

Camera (f/1.8, ISO 100, 1/3993s)

Over-sharpening is still there.


It also seems to have a lot of noise in the sky.

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