FP3+ & FP4 & FP5 hearing aids and direct streaming

I would like to stream phone calls etc. from my FP 3+ directly to a hearing aid. For this, FP would need to support the ASHA protocol (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids). This should basically be given by the use of Android 10 and Bluetooth 5.0.
However, as far as I know, additional hardware adjustments are necessary in the mobile device so that direct streaming to hearing aids works.
Has this been done for the FP 3+?

Is there any experience with which hearing aids the FP 3+ supports direct streaming? Unfortunately, I did not find the FP 3+ in the compatibility lists of the various providers like Starkey, Phonak, Bernafon …

I had an exchange with Lidwien on this topic already. She has recommended me to put a new post in the forum, since currently she can contribute nothing more to this topic.


Have you tried asking Fairphone directly rather than this user forum?

Only Fairphone would know the answer to this, as suggested by @anon9989719…

After a very brief browse on Google’s documentation ASHA appears to use existing Bluetooth LE capabilities (l2cap). As I understand it, the presence of Bluetooth 5 means the hardware is capable - so the Fairphone 3 is fine on paper at least.

I did notice quite a few “no audio” posts on other forums, so I assume there is more software work to be done in Android.

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No I didn’t, as Lidwien has recommended me to go to the forum. Please give me a direct contact for asking Fairphone directly.
Many thanks

You can find it on the website:

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Here are the disappointing answers I got from Faiphone support:

  1. Unfortunately, the Fairphone 3/3+ does not support the ASHA protocol.

  2. I’d like to inform you that unfortunately the Fairphone 4 does not support ASHA protocols, this is because of platform limitations.


Disappointing indeed, but thank you for reporting back here, I hope it helps others.

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I don’t believe that “platform limitation” excuse. Audio is data. The FP4 supports the required level of Bluetooth LE. Thus it’s possible to send audio to the hearing aid, end of discussion.

“The censored who wrote our firmware didn’t implement the protocol” would at least be a believable answer, though I strongly suspect that “we didn’t bother to try turning it on and checking whether it works because nobody here has a hearing aid” is somewhat more honest.

Sorry for being somewhat antagonistic here but frankly I expect better.

AFAIK situation is as follows for GN Resound Linx Quattro hearing aids :
ASHA does not work for Fairphone, also not for FP4 as you need for direct streaming

  • Minimum Android 10 (given for FP )
  • Minimum Bluetooth 5 (given for FP ) and
    -installed ASHA-module on the phone. This can the done only by phone-manufacturer (not given)

Currently there are only some phone models basically all are Googel pixel and some high-end Samsung units you can directly stream. With Apple it seems to work with all newer models.
I do not know what phones work with other hearing aids, Situation is very complicated.
Hope this info helps.

Definitely something Fairphone would get credit for, sad it hasn’t been done. If I find the head space I may ask why not?

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Well, afaik Google offers ASHA to phone manufacturers but it seems that it costs money and that may be the reason for many manufacturers. On the other hand we have to consider that there are very few people who need it. And this limited demand should have a look on competitors to GN Resound if they already own a phone without ASHA.
All the other streaming to headphones works perfectly with or without ASHA.
Anyway, ASHA is no reason at all to refrain from buying Fairphone especially because control of hearing aids via app should work with Fairphone without any problem- newer Android version provided.

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Good news (had the opportunity to test myself):
With FP4 updated to Build-Nummer FP4.FP3Q.A.094.20211213 Security updates 5.12.21 and updated Smart 3D App it is possible to stream musik from FP4 to GN Resound Linx Quattro hearing aids. Also control of Linx is possible from FP4. This is a great step forward!
Why does it work now?
Frankly speaking I do not know and can only guess: Seems for me to be connected with new bluetooth features. If anyone knows, let me know please.


I’ve moved this into the Discuss | The Products category and added tags so it should become easier for people to find this topic. While this is about two different generations of Fairphones, the (so far) limited circle of users concerned & with expertise makes it appear sensible to me to keep the discussion in one topic.

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ASHA is no reason at all to refrain from buying Fairphone

I disagree. If you have hearing aids, as a large number of older people do, the space an earbud would take is, instead, taken by the hearing aids. So if you want streaming into your ear (and don’t own one of the limited number of models which work without ASHA) you should choose a different phone model.


Well, i belong to the so-called elder people and have to accept your opinion. What I wanted to say is: Also Fairphone 3 works with hearing aids but not with GN Resound. If anyone wants Fairphone 3 and has to buy new hearing aids he could look and try for a model which works with FP 3. If you already own these expensive aids already and you have to buy a phone you are absolutely right for FP3.
Anyway, FP3 does not but FP4 streams music also to Resound and works for better than some Samsung devices.
By the way: Would be very interested whether ASHA is still necessary for new bluetooth devices. Do not find any info about this. My feeling - but it is only a feeling- is: ASHA is not any longer necessary if new bluetooth standard is used.

I have the same problems with my Resound hearing aids and no solution could be found untill now. I think there are many more users who hoped to be able to connect. The sound of music or films is steamed to the hearingaids, only the phonecalls are nog directed to the HA’s. I think Fairphone should solve this, hearingaid users are no small group. Fairphone is the only phone answering the modern environmental needs these days, so try to be as progressive with this issue please. Nico Horstink


Agree! Makes sense to me. However this is a user forum ~ you could direct your views to support |at | fairphone|dot|com

Are there people using other brand hearingaids that do work properly with the FP4?

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I’m using Signia Pure Charge & Go AX hearing aids. Like some other high-end devices, these use the ASHA bluetooth protocol for direct streaming. Sadly, they don’t work with my FP3+, and I received the following message from support: “Unfortunately, because of platform limitations, neither the Fairphone 3+ nor the Fairphone 4 are compatible with ASHA protocols.”

So unfortunately, ASHA support doesn’t seem to be an option for the current Fairphones. :frowning:

The Phonak Naida P 90 works with my FP3+ (and my Ubuntu Tuxedo notebook) because it uses a different Bluetooth protocol than ASHA. I suspect it would work with a FP4 as well. But it has some other downsides (unrelated to connectivity) which mean it doesn’t compensate for my hearing loss as well as the Signia.

Hi. Welcome to the forum and thanks for the info.