FP3 fast charge

So this may be a silly question but… I accidentally plugged my FP3 to my Macbook pro´s charger and noticed the phone sayin “fast charging”. Does FP3 actually support fast charging and is it safe to charge the phone with my laptop´s charger?

I plug my FP3+ into anything with a USB port :slight_smile:

I have seen “Fast Charging” (and “Slow Charging” and just “Charging”) on the screen, so yes, I guess it supports all 3

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As long as it is a standard USB-C power supply, there should be no harm done to your phone. So while it looks like overkill to charge a phone with a notebook charger, it is perfectly OK to do so.


The phone is designed for fast charging.

Chargers have protocols to ‘work out’ what the phone can negotiate.

Commonly the protocols are PD (Power Direct) many PC’s and QC (Quick Charge) the proprietary protocol used by Qualcomm, the CPU chip set up which includes the Power Chips in the Fairphone.

The newer PPS is designed to be backward compatible with PD and QC

There is little doubt that slow charging doesn’t stress the battery so much, but the phone is designed, along with the battery to be quick charged.

So the charger isn’t the issue. If the phone cannot negotiate a suitable voltage via the lack of a suitable protocol on the power input, up to 20V, it will drop to slow charging at 5V


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