FP3+ does not turn off and does not charge

Hi, my fairphone 3+ does not off and does not charge.
I just noticed that my fairphone has not charged during the night. I tried different chargers and different cables, always with the same effect: light goes on but no charging. Moreover, I cannot turn it off. When I turn it off with the button on the side it keeps restarting unless I physically remove the battery. Any suggestions?

Hi have you tried to dismantle to check out the contacts. You may have debris in the USB port that stops charging or debris in the switch that keeps it on.

I had a dirty power switch on a Samsung once that I managed to clean.

If you have no resolution with a dismantle and clean hopefully you still have a warranty and can send it back to Fairphone.

Watch out for a red square when you dismantle, as that shows water ingress and would void the warranty.

If you use the iFixit guide do not got past step 7 as that would void the warranty.

I would start with Fairphone’s instructions

To separate the Display Module from the phone:

  1. Remove the 13 screws that hold the Display Module in place.
  2. Place your fingers on the right side of the frame, inside the battery compartment
  3. Push the display out of the frame
  4. You removed the Display Module.
  5. The other modules are now accessible.

if you are thinking of sending to Fairphone try and back up all your data as they will do a factory reset.

When you say you cannot switch off does this also apply to the following?
a) press the power button
b) tap the Power off option on the screen

You also have the option of trying to start in safe mode.


Mayby you killed your Battery already by
“charged during the night”
Why Charging Your Phone Overnight Is Bad

I think the OP said the phone won’t go off, so the battery must be functioning.

Regarding the overnight charging. Whereas it may not be recommended Fairphone do not warn about such. With a compatible charger that cuts the charging to near zero when the battery is fully charged it shouldn’t be a problem.

If it was I’m sure Fairphone would stipulate that as a no go to ensure the two battery warranty is viable for them.

From the link you provided, which by the way appears all hearsay.

Companies rarely let you fully use the complete capacity of their batteries. It’d be foolish to severely deplete the lithium ions in a layer. Nonetheless, your display will still read 100 percent when it’s reached the full capacity it’s allowed to.

So it is very likely that Fairphone limit the charge to 80% but that is the 100% reading in the phone.

Would they really be that stupid to let the common customer ruin the battery so easily ?? I doubt it. Maybe I should ask them :slight_smile:

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