FP3 does not start anymore. No reaction with USB-Connection

The Fairphone was still blinking at first. Display could not be activated with the on/off button. No reaction. Battery was removed. Then the boot screen “Fairphone” briefly appeared once. Since then there has been no response to the on/off button. No vibration. Even with USB connection to PC or charger no vibration or other displays.
Battery is fine, was tested on another FP3+. A firmware update was carried out 5 days ago. Everything worked until today.
Pressing On/off and -loud does not work.
Removing the display and battery did not bring any change either
Removing SIM Card and Micro SD also did not bring any change.

If you have another FP3+ handy, you could try and swap the USB ports (bottom module). It’s easy to remove and replace. If you’d find that one of the two bottom modules doesn’t work in either phone you can order a new one.

If both, the power button and the USB connection, don’t work isn’t it likely a sudden death? You can try to replace the bottom module to make sure it is not a broken bottom module and a broken button board at the same time. Is there an angel or a Fairphone meeting next to you?


I have already changed the bottom module yesterday. But same problem