FP3 Display freezes! Display noise issue

Thanks so much! This seems to have fixed it.


It worked for me too.

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i had the same issue - twisting the phone did the trick for me.

as good as the intentions of the fairphone are, the hardware seems to be a piece of crap. i also have permanent issues to unlock via fingerprint sensor…

Yes intentions seem good and we may want to be more than we are but we will always be the most demanding and careless animals.

This is the Fairphone game, a roundabout of expectations, you pay your fee and join the ride, but you can leave at any time, but maybe not without a sore head or arse for all the unexpected ups and downs.

Have you already tried this trick?

a lot of users had a vast improvement with adding just a piece of tape :slight_smile:


I’m having struggles… My phone fell because of my own clumsyness (regret, regret…) and now it shows this screen. Seems to be solvable, but I don’t understand what is meant by “twisting it” Twisting what, how? I tried the four screws, didn’t work. When I get the battery out and in again, it shows this screen. Confused, desperate, and disappointed in my own addiction apparently. Can anyboday tell me what to do?
Having a FP3

Hi Jytta

Welcome to the forum. I’ve never had the problem but twisting probably means holding the phone at either end and twisting the phone. I can only suggest you try again.

Also this forum is very quiet at this time of night, it’s nigh on midnight UK. Goodnight and good luck, will check after sunrise to see how you got on.

shortly after i wrote the post above that the twist solved the display issue, it reoccurred and could not be solved in any way. so i sent the phone to the repairshop.

@HolosericaCaligo thank you for the hint with the tesa film strip. will try it out when the phone is back.

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Ordered the FP3+ in September 2021 (as work phone, paid by employer), long delivery time, but got it at the start of November. So just 3 weeks old now (this is Oslo, Norway)
Huge problems comes and goes. Absolutely not reliable.
Lagging, freezing, and that famous noizy screen.

The phone goes unresponsible for many seconds, very often, and the respons returns only in “small chunks”. Its like having no phone.

Googling around, I found many having this kind of problem with the Fairphone, even the older models.
Nobody able to fix this?

Only solution is to return the phone, and buy something else?

If there is a fix I havent seen, please shout out.

When I wrote this, it was because the phone had been un-usable for at least an hour.
I took off the original plastic cover (“made to open”), and it immediately become normal again (normal working, not normal freezing…).
Is the plastic-cover making a pressure on something, buttons, chassis…?
Check it out.

I will come back in some days or so, to update my experiences. :santa:

Welcome to the Fairphone community.
Please contact support. Your phone is on warranty and has a severe problem. It’s not a common problem, but of course you only read in the Internet about people complaining, not about the thousands and thousands that have no issues.


Sounds like a poorly connected screen.
Either as Incanus suggested use the warranty or


worked fine for me, thank you!


Hello there,

Almost 2 years since first post of this topic, but issue is still relevant → it just happens with my Fairphone 3, screen was freezing since yesterday (a cold day, 0°C, phone in my pocket).

Solution to unscrew and screw again the four screws worked for me :+1:


Be careful going from a warm and hence relatively humid atmosphere to the cold where humidity will condense.

You can dismantle the phone and see how bad the dampness gets, if you see red squares it is not a good sign.

However, unseen to simple a dismantle within the warranty, dampness can get into the modules :frowning:

Thank you for your post, removing the screen module and cleaning the contacts reanimated my noised FP3+ as well. Still – that’s an unsatisfying incident.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

So I gather you had a noisy screen. Do you think it was dirty contacts or maybe just pressure.

Did you notice a white or red square

Hi @amoun,
I am actually not sure about the pressure, but all squares are white, with no shade of red whatsoever. All the screws appeared to me to have a tight fit, though, so I suppose it were some dirt particles. I keep the phone in my jeans’ pocket quite often, so that could have possibly been a source for small fluff or dust, but as a matter of fact, I did not see any - but I also did not pay enough attention, to be honest, to rule that out beyond any doubt.
Kind regards,

I work outside mostly, often wearing overalls etc. I have a case which helps keep a lot of grime off and I slide a piece of plastic between the case and the usb port as that can easily collect dust and debris.

Worked for me, too! I got thee noise-screen after dropping the Phone. After loosing and tighten those screws it works normal again.


Hello all. Today I suffered from the same issue. In the end what solved it was to apply a slight twisting motion while holding the phone in landscape as @Audouin_Leo mentioned in his 1st post on this topic.

Just for your information, these are the steps that Customer Support told me to follow (they did not work for me but might work for you):

  • Put your phone on a flat surface
  • Turn the phone on
  • Press all along the border of your phone with your thumb (not too hard). Does the screen work normally after this?