Protective case - black/green vs. blue

Hi all,

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the early protective cases (black and green) with the newer version (the blue)?

The descriptions indicate that they are made from slightly different materials, and I was wondering how that effects how they feel in your hand and whether there is any difference in how easy it is to use the side buttons, putting it on the phone, etc?



Puh, thats an Expensive Question. I think Nobody likes to spend 120€/80€ to find that out. But Maybe at an Fairphone Community Local Meeting, Maybe.
BtW: Black feels Comfortable


Come on, as the green and black are the same fabrication it’s definitely only 80€ for two bits of recycled plastic. There’s a job waiting there. I bought the green and it’s fine. I wanted to help out Fairphone and wanted a way to hold a thin film of plastic in front of the usbC port.

But 4€ would seem more appropriate, how they get away with I don’t know, must be some right mugs buying old rubbish.

Thanks, good to know that the black is comfortable to use!

(I was thinking more about people with more than one Fairphone user in the house, or social circle, rather than someone buying two cases for the same phone :slight_smile: )

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Are you saying that the case is not sturdy, or doesn’t fit the phone well?

The case is fine, it’s just the cost seems extortionate given it’s made from rubbish, and is hardly a dynamic technological component. Note also the price of the back cover some 25€ and many active modules are cheaper.

I’m just highlighting the unexpectedly high price for recycled simple plastic to that of the modules.

I use the green cover and I work in the fields, not often with the phone, and the case is becoming soiled, but it is sturdy and fits well :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, fair enough. Since it is made from a mixture of materials I expected the price won’t be trivial, and getting good quality recycled plastic is - unfortunately - not terribly cheap (that’s one of the problems with the global markets at the moment - virgin materials can often be cheaper than recycled ones, as env. degradation is not taken into account in the price), but I don’t really know enough about plastics or manufacturing to have a more definite opinion.


Thanks everyone. Just in case anyone’s interested - I ended up getting the black cover (the hue of the other colours just seemed a bit too bright for my liking!), and it is really comfortable and smooth in your hand. The side buttons are also very good.


My daughter has the same view as you, but I wanted it to stand apart from the darkness of ages, though sadly the blue wasn’t available and I work out in the fields a lot. Blue would be better for me but bright orange or red would do me better.

All the best and thanks for the update.


Yeah, I wasn’t terribly keen on the black - that’s just a bit boring, isn’t it? :slight_smile: I would have preferred a slightly “calmer” blue, or a dark red. Oh well, can’t always get what you want! :smiley:


Yes a dark red, burgundy maybe :slight_smile:

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I have a question: are the buttons supposed to click (like with the included band) when using the protective case?

Because I brought a blue one and using the buttons with it is awful. I get no physical or audiable feedback at all, it feels like I’m pushing down on a solid device. I have an app that turns on the flashlight when both volume buttons are pressed and it’s easy with the band but very difficult with the protective case.

I actually started using the band and disregarding the expensive protective case because of this.


No clicking, just pressure. The clicking is the actual buttons, if you can feel it through the case. I have the green case, which is a different material and I can sense the clicking of the buttons.

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The buttons work but I can’t feel or hear them when using the protective case. Only with the band.

It seems that the green would have better (or at least more elastic) material. The blue is stiff and pressing the buttons also feels very, very stiff.

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I don’t know how long you have had the case ~ within 14 days you can return for a refund else the case has a 2 year warranty, if there’s ‘problem’ with it.

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I ordered direct from the site and I like the case enough otherwise that I think I might just fix it by modifying it. Best case it’ll be like I want it, worse case I have a case I wasn’t using.

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Like amoun, I can feel the clicking well through the green protective case. However, you are probably aware the green case has not been changed yet to 100 % recycled as the blue and black versions have, so the material might have slightly differing characteristics.


May I ask you about decoloring? I would be interested in buying the green case but some time ago I read on a post that it quickly turns yellowish. Thanks

My green case is not showing any sign of decoloring after 7 months of use, it’s just starting to collect limited dark stains (I haven’t wet wiped it very often) near the transition from flat to curve. Note this is the green case before it also went 100 % recycled plastics.