FP3 died this afternoon, help me locate the problem


my FP3 died. suddenly. i took it from my pocket, black screen, no power at all
i though battery was discharged, but plugin in the cable does nothing…

i took my multimeter, and measured 3.8 v at the battery (check the left and right pins, where it’s written “+” and “-”

so, i think battery is still charged.

can it be the bottom module ? if yes, the phone would work but not charged right ?

if i plug in the USB battery, i see 0.11 A from the charger. not more.

what should i check ?

Have a look at similar reports

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This has happened to several of us

I bet is the motherboard. If it is not under guarantee fairphone will not replace it or repair it even tough is clear that a faulty batch has been sold to several of us

Please see Fairphone 3 motherboard problem