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I can’t open my DB NavApp on my FP3. I have de-installed it several times and re-installed. I can see it in Settings/ memory/ SD card (ScanDisk). and there is also the icon on my screen - but it’s not opening. I also tried to shift the App from the SD card to the internal memory, but that’s not functioning . . . And I can’t manage von downloading it from Google PlayStore in which memory the App shall be stored. Any idea, what I can do??

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While I cannot determine a specific reason, we keep encountering issues here with SD cards fomatted as “phone storage” (or “internal storage” or “extended internal storage”). This format allows to save apps on the SD card, but keeps creating all sorts of issues like photos not being saved.

If there isn’t any more specific approach for a solution by anyone else, I would strongly recommend to re-format the card to “portable storage” (“Mobiler Speicher”), the other option. This will inevitable delete all data on the SD card, so you will need to make a backup before.

On the specific app: I am using it myself on my FP3+, however, I am running a different operating system and have set up my SD card as “portable storage” right from the start.


To back-up my SD card content I have connected my FP3 with my notebook (HP), in the xplorer I can the the FP3, but it shows no files/ content at all :frowning:

Have you selected “File Transfer” on the FP3?
(By default, the standard connection type is “Just charging”)

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I’ve made it with the file transfer, on the PC I can the the internal memory, but not the SD cart. But the “only” folder shown is “Interner gemeinsamer Speicher” internal shared memory. Maybe I’ve configured the SD card wrong in the beginning . . .

I’m afraid I have zero experience with dealing with an SD card formatted as phone storage. I can only speculate: Perhaps you need to move the data in two steps:
SD card → Built-in FP3 internal storage → computer.

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If you formatted the card as ‘internale’, there is no separate SD card memory anymore, it’s all considered as one combined memory area. So you should be able to access this memory and backup what’s stored there, But you can’t determine what is physically stored on the phone memory and whats on the SD card.


There have been lots of problems with apps stored on SD cards formatted as internal memory expansion. I think you need to move those apps back into the main internal memory. Then format the card as portable.


Thanks a lot for your advice/ support. After formatting the SD card and changing it’s status to mobile it works :-). DB Navigator is installed and is functioning :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :+1: Going to spend 49 Euros, too? :wink: (that’s what I used the app for most recently)

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congratulations to you, urs, for 10+ years constantly giving helpful advice here. you should get a special badge for this! :+1:


Thank you, Christoph! :+1: … although it’s just a little under 8 years :blush:


time flies… :slightly_smiling_face: (we’re already at FP4 :joy:) but seriously, it feels like 10+ years

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