FP3: Dark mode?

On my FP3, I tried to set “Display” > “Device theme” to “Dark” in the settings, but unfortunately everything (especially the menu) is still using bright colors.

Has anybody succeeded in enabling the dark mode?

Well, not everything stays bright. The shortcuts (swipe from the top) are dark, and so is the list of apps (swipe from the bottom). But the settings keep their white background, yes. I don’t know if that’s just how it is supposed to be, but yes, not everything gets a dark background.

I did restart the FP3, but it didn’t make a difference.

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The shortcuts seem to always be dark (even when “Device theme” is set to “Light”). The list of apps is also bright/light for me though.

I’m using the default launcher (Trebuchet Quickstep), are you using a different one maybe?

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No, I didn’t install a different launcher. Maybe you are permanently using energy saving mode? That immediately turns the shortcuts background dark on my device.

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No, I’m not in energy saving mode.

ok, no real idea to explain the difference then :angel: You have installed the December update as well, I assume?

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Yep, installed the latest update a few days ago.

PS: Thank you for taking the time to investigate this.


Actually the list of apps is now also dark for me after a restart. So indeed only the settings remain light.

@urs_lesse Do you think it would make sense for me to raise this bug via support or does the Fairphone team monitor this forum anyways?

Definitely contact support directly, they do not monitor the forum. But if you don’t know for sure yet, make sure that this is not how it is supposed to work in Android 9 by default. You might be more well-versed there, so this might not be necessary, but you (I) never know …

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Thanks, will do.

I don’t have a device with stock Android 9, but my FP2 with LineageOS 16.0 (Android 9) does show dark settings with the dark theme enabled and this article features screenshots of stock Android 9 with dark settings:

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Exactly what I just checked, too! :smiley:


Umm, on a quick view …

In Android 9 „Pie“ gab es bereits ein dunkles Design, das aber nur die Elemente der Benachrichtigungsleiste umfasste.

[my emphasis added; rough English translation: “Android 9 already offered a dark theme, but that one only affected the notification panel.”]

I think none of the screenshots there originate from Android 9.


System-wide Dark Mode was only introduced in Android 10. Since the FP3 is on Android 9 for the time being, we’ll have to wait until the OS is getting upgraded.


What’s interesting here is that, once battery save mode is enabled, a lot of apps actually seem to switch to dark mode, even though they don’t have an “official” dark mode. One example is the Outlook calendar widget.

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I think the dark mode setting in Android 9 only affects the app list. Apps like Threema that apply the “system default” design mode use the light theme on FP3.

But dark mode can be set individually in many apps including the pre-installed phone, contacts and chrome. Not sure about other Google apps as I try to avoid them.

I noticed this too in the Play Store app: it immediately goes to dark when battery saver is on, but I haven’t found another way of enabling its dark mode. Seems more like a bug than a lack-of-feature to me.

teezeh is right, android 9 dark mode works only for quick settings, google now, app drawer, volume menu and power menu. Android 10 dark mode works everywhere including settings menu.

Some applications have a manual dark mode, such as Nextcloud and WhatsApp.

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