FP3 charging port issues

A week ago my phone got wet from being in my pocket during a rainstorm. I opened it up and let it air dry for two days. One of the moisture sensors had turned red and there was visible moisture throughout the phone, including moisture inside the camera lens. Everything seemed to work fine after turning it on and putting it all back together. But recently the charging port is acting weird, and only one side of the usb-c cord is actually charging the phone. If I use the other side, then it doesn’t charge the battery but only the charging LED light turns on. This is very strange … I’m thinking I need to replace the charging module.

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The odds might not be great, but it cannot hurt to ask at Fairphone owners in the USA (FP2 FP3 FP4) if someone’s living nearby and might be willing to let you test his or her FP3 bottom module in your FP3.

Other than that, checking the USB-C port for dust/tiny hairs, and trying another cable (if easily available) – would be quite a co-incidence, but you never know.


Here’s a breakdown of the module.

Even two days isn’t enough soemtimes.

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Hi, i have an FP3 charging port module I can sell you from an FP3 that the core processor died in. I’m in Miami, FL


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