FP3 Camera File Names including "\"?

Same over here. So far I could not find any pattern about in which situations the slashed file names happen. It could be that they show up mir often when I start the camera with the phone locked by pressing the power button twice, but my statistics on that is too small to be more than a gut feeling.

My guess is that the slashes appear when we take multiple photos in a row. I “solved” the problem by installing a different camera app (Open Camera).

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@yves_ebnoether I cannot confirm the multiple pictures theory. In at least one case I had the issue with a picture where I hadn’t taken any photo hours or even days before and after…

@Beneetto thank-you, so even more mysterious … have the folks from @fairphone any ideas on this?

If you want an official reply or support from Fairphone, please #contactsupport (if you didn’t already do so), you very probably won’t have it here on the community forum :slight_smile:


From time to time I notice my automatic photo backup solution (via Nextcloud client) fails to backup a specific photo. Each time it fails, there’s a '\' (backslash) at the end of the timestamp in the filename, which obviously should not be there.
For example, a valid filename for a photo looks like this: IMG_20210212_143642.jpg.
However, sometimes the filename looks like this instead:
As soon as I manually rename the file (removing the slash), the backup works fine.
I’ve been using the Nextcloud client for many years now on several different phones, and I’ve never exprienced this problem before. So I’m suspecting the camera app of the FP3+ doing something fishy under certain circumstances.
Has anyone run into this problem before? Any suggestions on debugging this are of course welcome as well.

Hello, I’ve allowed myself to move your post into this older topic that deals with the same question. However, it seems that there isn’t really a solution yet – see the discussion above.

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I contacted Fairphone via Email, they´re a bit overloaded at the moment, will share reply as soon as I get one …

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I use a NextCloud service to sync my photos. NextCloud produces errors every fourth photo or so and cannot upload. It took me a while to figure out why: FP3+ creates image file names that usually look like this:
So far so good. However, once in a while the file name is like this:
i.e. with a backslash after the final six-digit number. Strange! And this obviously causes problems with sending such a file via HTML or so.
Anyone else seeing these awkward file names? Any hint for a solution to this?
Thx, Michael

Hi Michael, I’ve allowed myself to move your post here because this issue has been discussed here before (see above). :slight_smile:


Thx. Didn’t find that thread on my own.
Sorry to read that there’s no solution yet.
What I can add to the above search for the special circumstances in which this happens, is that it can happen with the first photo I take after several hours. E.g. today in the morning two pictures no problem, an hour later two pictures, first with backslash, second without…

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I have the same Problem with the Backslash in the file name on my FP3 with default Android 10 and Open Camera. @yves_ebnoether so I don’t think that switching the camera app solves the problem

That was my first thought, looks like some kind of app/filesystem sync problem. Does it also happen when you set the photo series delay to >1sec?

Taking photo series with Open camera on FP2 Marshmallow (quickest possible, no delay) sometimes generates files ending with (1) before the suffix.
According to Androids automatic naming scheme it is to be expected that pictures captured within the same second requires further namely distinguishing. Unfortunately a slash as well as a backslash considering filesystem conventions are bad ideas to be used.

It could be caused by the photo app which I would consider as bad programming. If it’s done by an OS component it doesn’t make it look better.

Hi, I did not have the backslash issue with Open Camera.

I definitely didn’t take two pictures so quickly after each other that this could be the explanation. It also happens with single photos, but not all the time…

I also submitted now the issue to customer support.


+1, hope this turns up the heat a little.

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Hi. Same problem here. The Syncthing on my PC told me this when I last synced my photo folder from my FP3 to my PC:

2021-04-11 16:23:40: Dropping index entry for Camera/IMG_20210410_152916\.jpg, contains invalid path separator

2021-04-11 16:49:10: Dropping index entry for Camera/IMG_20210411_164859\.jpg, contains invalid path separator

When I followed up, I found at least three more files with this. There was no discernible pattern between them (both portrait and landscape mode) and no burst photography either.

Model: Fairphone 3+
Android 10
Build: 8901.3.A.0084.20210204
Camera App: 2.0.002 (stock camera app that came with the system)

I received an Email from Fairphone that the backslash / Filenames issue might be resolved with the latest OS Update, I updated, snapped a few photos and have not seen backslashes yet …


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